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Public HealthTask Force on Fiscal Policy for Health

For this report, the Task Force reviewed the evidence on the impact of tobacco, alcohol, and sugary beverage excise tax policy on consumption, health, and revenue outcomes. In addition, the Task Force commissioned an analysis of the potential impact of significant excise tax increases on these products.

EducationAmerican Talent Initiative

Between 2015–16 and 2017–18, ATI members increased enrollment of students who receive Pell grants by 7,291, nearly 15 percent of ATI’s 50,000-by-2025 goal.

Public HealthImproving Road Safety

The data presented in this report show that progress has been achieved in important areas such as legislation, vehicle standards and improving access to post-crash care. This progress has not, however, occurred at a pace fast enough to compensate for the rising population and rapid motorization of transport taking place in many parts of the world.


The World Cities Culture Report 2018 went directly to the cities’ policy makers and asked what their most innovative programs and policies were, as well as key trends and infrastructure projects taking place across their cities.


The framework identifies four global learning outcomes—appreciation for diversity, cultural understanding, global knowledge, and global engagement—and five general learning outcomes— digital literacy, language communication, self-efficacy, academic engagement, and critical thinking. Together these outcomes provide a definition of global competency for K-12 students and constitute standards for assessing global digital exchange programs.

Bloomberg Philanthropies

In 2017, Bloomberg Philanthropies invested in nearly 480 cities across more than 120 countries

Public Health

This document lays out, for the first time the health and economic benefits of implementing the most cost-effective and feasible interventions to prevent and control NCDs (WHO Best Buys) in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

Founder's Projects

An in-depth examination of the issues facing America’s city leaders, from the heartland to the high-rise

Public HealthImproving Road Safety

The Macro-Economic And Welfare Benefits of Reducing Road Traffic Injuries in Low- & Middle-Income Countries

Government InnovationMayors Challenge

What we shared and learned in the first phase of the 2017 U.S. Mayors Challenge