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Government Innovation

Borrow this idea!

August 3, 2022

The more city leaders learn from each other, the faster they can innovate and the more ambitious they can be in solving problems and creating opportunities for their residents.

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Public Health

Follow the Data Podcast: Secrets of the Retail Food Environment

July 29, 2022

In this episode, Kristine Momanyi of the Bloomberg Philanthropies public health team sits down with Sara John, the Senior Policy Director at CSPI – the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Ingrid de Santiago, the Program Coordinator at Bay Area Community Resources, and Anjelika Khadka, a youth advocate taking a stand for healthier food environments in her community. They discuss the deceptive marketing practices food and beverage manufacturers employ to sway shoppers’ decisions in grocery stores and CSPI’s request to the Federal Trade Commission to bring these practices to light. Ingrid and Anjelika also tell us more about the Bay Area’s initial reception to the healthy checkout ordinance and learnings from advocating for local healthy food policies.

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Government InnovationBloomberg Associates

Fine Tuning City Grants Management

July 28, 2022

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the U.S. Conference of Mayors recently hosted a workshop on ways local government can effectively identify, distribute, manage, and track the current high levels of funding. The session for over 150 city officials was part of the Federal Assistance e311 program.

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Surrounding a School with Safer Streets in Baltimore

July 22, 2022

The Asphalt Art Initiative supports cities using art and community engagement to improve street safety and revitalize public space. Through colorful crosswalks, intersection murals, and artistic pedestrian plazas, asphalt art is a relatively inexpensive way to create temporary improvements to city streets that make them safer and more welcoming for the residents and visitors who use them every day.

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Government Innovation

How leadership training is shaping a generation of mayors

July 20, 2022

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative welcomed its sixth class of mayors, a diverse group of 40 leaders from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

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Government Innovation

22 mayors from North and South America join City Data Alliance to chart new frontiers for data-driven government

July 14, 2022

Cities around the world using data effectively to serve their residents are ready to see how they can scale their efforts.

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Follow the Data Podcast: How Does Climate Change Affect the Cultural Sector?

July 8, 2022

In this episode, Ethan Joseph of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts team sits down with María Ángela López Vilella, Executive Director of Museo de las Américas to discuss the unique challenges that climate change presents to the cultural sector and steps that arts organizations may consider taking to help prepare for and respond to climate change-driven hazards. They also discuss specific strategies that cultural organizations in Puerto Rico have adopted to build climate resilience in the five years since Hurricane Maria and further support their communities by becoming spaces for healing and education.

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Coral Reef Resilience, Innovative Solutions, and $1 Billion for Protections at the UN Ocean Conference

July 7, 2022

The health of the world’s ocean is critical to fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and sustaining the livelihoods of billions. At the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, we joined ​our Vibrant Oceans Initiative partners and world leaders from government, industry, advocacy, and more in a range of efforts to safeguard the ocean.

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How Can a Sculpture Turn Styrofoam into Compost?

June 10, 2022

Through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge, the city of Camden, New Jersey, was able to restore and revitalize shared spaces with art installations across the community. By using recycled materials and natural processes, a number of the installations placed throughout Camden incorporate green innovations to prevent waste, and encourage people to rethink the impact we have through the materials we use — and throw away.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies
Annual Report 2021

Follow the Data Podcast: Building Partnerships, Making a Difference: A Conversation with Mike Bloomberg and Patti Harris

June 1, 2022

This is a very special episode. To celebrate the release of the 2021 Annual Report, our yearly review of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ efforts to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people, our founder, Mike Bloomberg, and CEO, Patti Harris, joined the podcast.

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