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Government Innovation

TIME: Op-ed: Why America’s Infrastructure Is So Hard To Fix, by James Anderson

May 15, 2024

Bloomberg Philanthropies galvanized a group of national organizations and subject-matter experts to form the Local Infrastructure Hub. This consortium has spent the last 18 months coaching 1,300-plus mostly small and mid-sized municipalities in how to navigate the intricacies of federal grants and secure for their residents a share of the largest national commitment to modernization in decades.

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Founder's Projects

Food and Wine: Local Coffee Is Finally Getting Its Due in This Vibrant African City

April 2, 2024

Question Coffee Gishushu: Often listed as one of the best places to visit in Kigali, this cafe was started in 2013 by Bloomberg Philanthropies. It’s invested in training coffee farmers and producers to uplift smallholder farmers in the value chain. Go for a coffee tour or visit their coffee center.

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The Boston Globe: New England’s last coal plants to close

March 27, 2024

“A coal-free New England – a milestone more than a decade in the making – is a major victory for the region, the country, and the fight against climate change,” Bloomberg said in a statement. He said more than 70 percent of the US coal fleet is now retired or on its way out.

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Founder's ProjectsPublic Health

Forbes: ‘The Invisible Shield’ Makes Public Health More Visible

March 23, 2024

As Kelly Henning, MD, who is the Public Health Program Lead for Bloomberg Philanthropies and appears in the first episode of The Invisible Shield, explained, “The better public health works, the less likely you are to see it.” The tragic thing, though, is that this “invisible shield” has been crumbling for years, and most people can’t even see this because the public health system is, you know, in large part invisible to them.

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Axios: Exclusive: Bloomberg to give $200 million for emissions cuts in 25 U.S. cities

March 12, 2024

The charitable organization founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $200 million to help leaders of 25 U.S. cities tap into federal funding opportunities to cut their emissions. Why it matters: The funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies could allow these cities to grow their building and transportation networks in ways that limit greenhouse gas emissions.

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Public Health

Health Policy Watch: Partnership for Healthy Cities Achieves Big Wins Over Short Time

March 7, 2024

From Accra to Kathmandu, a global partnership of 74 cities has had remarkable success in addressing some of the key drivers of sickness and death since it was launched seven years ago.

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Government Innovation

Wired: Kyiv Is Using Homegrown Tech to Treat the Trauma of War

February 16, 2024

As the war enters its third year, the municipal government is starting to build a citywide system for providing mental health support to citizens. It’s a vast challenge, but also a unique opportunity—the first time that such a mass-trauma event has happened to a society that has already built the tools of digital government. … The project is being supported financially and operationally by Bloomberg Philanthropies, a charitable organization created by former New York mayor and Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg.

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Inside Philanthropy: Improving Nonprofit Tech Can Be Tricky. Here’s How One Funder Is Getting it Right

February 7, 2024

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator Program offers a solid opportunity for arts organizations in the U.S. and U.K. to receive critical support with their technology infrastructure. Beyond that, though, the program is a good illustration of the benefits of funding nonprofit IT, how to do this kind of funding right, and the challenges inherent to navigating technology for nonprofits generally, and arts organizations in particular.

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Government Innovation

Nature Cities: Urban philanthropy and innovation with James Anderson

February 1, 2024

James Anderson, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Government Innovation Lead, discusses the role of philanthropy in addressing urban research and problems.

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ArtsBloomberg Associates

The Washington Post: Opinion: Want safer streets? Paint them.

January 29, 2024

To provide a road map for the increasing municipal interest, in 2019 Bloomberg Philanthropies produced the Asphalt Art Guide and launched the Asphalt Art Initiative (AAI), distributing grants to 90 projects in cities across the United States and around the world to produce and assess their own eye-catching street design projects.

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