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Government Innovation

The Guardian: Cities around the world offered chance to win $1m to build cycle lanes

October 10, 2022

Cities around the world will have the chance to compete for $1m (£902,000) in funding as well as expertise to build new cycling infrastructure under a plan launched by the charitable foundation set up by Mike Bloomberg, who as New York mayor pioneered new bike lanes in the city. Under the scheme, launched on Monday by Bloomberg Philanthropies, 10 cities will be awarded up to $1m each to create safe cycling routes, and will also be given help designing the schemes and on engaging with residents and potential opposition.

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Founder's Projects

Axios: Bloomberg Philanthropies unveils racial wealth gap database

September 18, 2022

Bloomberg Philanthropies has launched an interactive database around racial wealth disparities aimed at increasing Black wealth accumulation.

Why it matters: Two years into a national reckoning following the death of George Floyd, banks and cities are experimenting with programs to expand homeownership among people of color. The new database could provide important information for such initiatives.

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Bloomberg Associates

Forbes: The Miracle Of Milan: Taming Car Use With Paint And Ping-Pong

July 11, 2022

Sadik-Khan is now a principal of Bloomberg Associates, the consulting arm of Bloomberg Philanthropies. She advised Mayor Sala on his Piazza Aperte program, a relatively cheap but highly effective reimagination of the public realm, started in 2018. The program was expanded and accelerated during the pandemic: Milan was the first Italian city to be impacted by COVID-19.

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The Washington Post: Art painted on crosswalks makes streets safer, group says

June 8, 2022

The mural — which was created with a group of art students from a local arts nonprofit — is one of three new crosswalk art projects in Richmond, all part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative. The nonprofit has funded 42 street murals in 41 cities across the country since 2019, with grants of up to $25,000. As part of the project, Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with Sam Schwartz Engineering, a consulting firm, to explore what effect the street art was having on safety. The results of the study, published in April, showed a drop in the number of collisions in areas with art.

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The New York Post Op-Ed: Why we’re giving $50M to charter schools to help kids catch up after the pandemic

April 18, 2022

To build on the city’s efforts and increase access to summer classes, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Kenneth C. Griffin, Stan Druckenmiller, the Carson Family Charitable Trust, Robin Hood, Gray Foundation and Walentas Foundation are committing $50 million to help charter schools create or expand summer-school programs this year. Through the initiative, called Summer Boost NYC, all the city’s elementary and middle charter schools can apply for funding to create and run high-quality programs.

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Government Innovation

The Jerusalem Post Op-Ed: Michael Bloomberg to launch program to help mayors lead through crisis

April 4, 2022

The Bloomberg-Sagol Center is just the latest example of a strong and growing collaboration between Bloomberg Philanthropies and our partners here in Israel. In recent years, we have created Innovation Teams to advance mayors’ top priorities, starting in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva. The Israeli government took note of their success and through the Hazira innovation program, they worked with us to help spread the idea to a dozen more cities.

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution Op-ed: Michael Bloomberg and Michael Lomax: A $10 million initiative with HBCUs will spur charter schools

March 29, 2022

Bloomberg Philanthropies will fund a new $10 million initiative at UNCF that will build on its work with HBCUs and their schools of education to help start new public charter schools, and recruit substantially more Black teachers and principals to work in them. This work could involve incubating new public charter schools on HBCU campuses, helping alumni to start new charters and supporting community-led efforts to open and expand charters.

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Government Innovation

The Associated Press: Bloomberg funds city programs to build new urban solutions

January 18, 2022

Bloomberg Philanthropies is supporting the innovative solutions of 15 cities to try to get others to use them as blueprints to battle the world’s urban problems.

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The Wall Street Journal Op-ed: Michael Bloomberg: Why I’m Backing Charter Schools

December 1, 2021

American public education is broken. Since the pandemic began, students have experienced severe learning loss because schools remained closed in 2020—and even in 2021 when vaccinations were available to teachers and it was clear schools could reopen safely. Many schools also failed to administer remote learning adequately.

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Public Health

The Hill Op-ed: A fresh approach to fighting America’s opioids epidemic

November 10, 2021

Even as vaccination rates slowly climb, another deadly health crisis has been getting worse: The overdose epidemic. Last year, a record number of Americans died from drug overdoses: 93,000. That’s 254 people a day, or more than 10 every hour. Three-quarters of them died from opioids, often by unknowingly using drugs laced with fentanyl.

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