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The New York Times: A Spectacular Marble Cube Rises at Ground Zero

September 13, 2023

Lower Manhattan could have hardly asked for a more spectacular work of public architecture.

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The New York Times: Use Your Phone as a Pocket Tutor for Study on the Go

August 30, 2023

Bloomberg Connects has more than 200 guides so far, with videos and collection highlights from art museums around the world and other cultural sites. These portable museum tours mix video with text and images, and can be downloaded for times when you are without internet access.

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Public Health

Baltimore Business Journal: Johns Hopkins University to build 250K s.f. classroom building near hospital

August 24, 2023

Johns Hopkins University plans to build a 250,000-square-foot building for its Bloomberg School of Public Health, a key part of the university’s quest to create a life sciences research corridor in East Baltimore.

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Founder's Projects

WCBD-TV, NBC, Mount Pleasant, SC: New documentary highlights Lowcountry sweetgrass basket makers, African roots

June 19, 2023

A new documentary by Bloomberg Philanthropies highlights the history of sweetgrass basket weaving in the Lowcountry and the way it connects weavers to their African roots. “Hands to Heritage” features basket weavers from Charleston and Rwanda. The film aims to recognize the weavers for their talents and showcase the reconciliation efforts by the City of Charleston.

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The Guardian: In ‘Cancer Alley’, US chemical giants mount campaign against grassroots organizers

May 4, 2023

In recent years, the activists have successfully fought construction of two multibillion-dollar plastics facilities and what would have been the nation’s largest methanol plant. The growing concerns have caught the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency, which earlier this year sued a manufacturer of neoprene in the state for not doing enough to reduce its cancer-causing air emissions. Now, those same groups are receiving millions of dollars from Michael Bloomberg and his Beyond Petrochemicals campaign, and the Louisiana energy and chemical companies along with the states’ business-boosting groups have, in turn, created the Louisiana Industry Sustainability Council – originally called the Industry Defense Council.

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Fast Company: This $25 million fund is supercharging clean energy projects in the developing world

May 2, 2023

As the climate crisis looms, rich countries have been pouring money into decarbonization initiatives. But countries with developing and emerging economies, home to two-thirds of the world’s population, haven’t kept pace. The problem: money, or lack of it. A new $25 million joint effort by Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg Philanthropies, known as the Climate Innovation and Development Fund, aims to change that by backing proof-of-concept clean energy projects. It’s the winner of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award in the Impact Investing category.

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Forbes: The CFE Fund’s National Movement To Create A Brighter Financial Future

May 1, 2023

With the support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and others, this FEC model is now operating across 30 cities, with more than a dozen others in training right now. James Anderson, who leads the Government Innovation program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, speaks to the program’s success. “In 2008, then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg made it a priority to open Financial Empowerment Centers across New York City – breaking down traditional barriers to access to get New Yorkers free, one-on-one financial counseling. In taking this model – and expanding it across the U.S. – we’ve seen a multiplier effect: Bloomberg Philanthropies’ work in partnership with Jonathan’s team at the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund has, just to date, spread this program to more than 30 cities and counties, helping 142,000 individuals reduce over $211 million in debt and increase household savings by $43 million.”

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Government Innovation

Boston Globe: Harvard launches Bloomberg Center for Cities to train municipal leaders

April 18, 2023

Harvard University launched the Bloomberg Center for Cities, a unit housed within the Kennedy School designed to train municipal leaders everywhere from Boston to Bristol, England. The center will link city officials across the globe with executive education and multidisciplinary research from Harvard faculty and create opportunities for graduate students contemplating careers in public service.

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Public Health

The New York Times: The Lifesaving Power of … Paperwork?

March 29, 2023

Colombia Rural Vital [is] one of several initiatives begun by the nonprofits Vital Strategies and Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of a broader effort to improve birth-and-death registries around the world. By the organizations’ estimate, some two billion people do not have birth certificates, and only half of the 60 million or so deaths that occur each year are recorded in any meaningful way.

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Public Health

El Pais: Five inspiring cities and their exemplary efforts to deal with the silent urban killers

March 18, 2023

Most measures to reduce consumption – the most effective being price hikes – are the responsibility of national governments, explains Kelly Henning, head of the Public Health program at Bloomberg Philanthropy. “But local authorities can implement very interesting interventions such as banning smoking in certain areas or advertising tobacco on city billboards,” she says.

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