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Government Innovation

Improving the way city governments work by driving innovation

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. Thus, city governments currently face society’s most pressing and complex problems, yet often lack the support and resources they need to solve them. The Government Innovation team’s mission: fill that void by helping cities bring bold ideas to life and spread proven solutions to cities around the world. Bloomberg Philanthropies believes that, although city governments face a heavy burden, cities also have the unique power to bring the type of real, impactful change that will make a difference in people’s lives for generations.

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Supporting City Leaders

Mayors and local leaders are on the front lines. More than any other elected officials, they have the power to bring about real change and to solve many of society’s biggest problems. They’re also often confronted by challenges outside their control. Those constraints come in many forms, but whether financial, societal, or governmental, the Government Innovation team’s goal is to help city officials to overcome whatever roadblocks they encounter by working with them to implement a flexible, innovative approach to governing and, by providing them with the resources and support they need, to improve people’s lives and make their cities stronger for years to come.

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Mike Bloomberg addresses more than 40 mayors in cohort at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative program in New York City.
Mike Bloomberg addresses more than 40 mayors in cohort at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative program in New York City.

Spurring Innovation in Cities

Solutions to many of the greatest challenges we face can be found in cities. Local governments are uniquely positioned to bring about change and get things done, but they also face unprecedented challenges. Some of those challenges are within their control, while others are not — but no matter what they face, creativity, flexibility, and innovation hold the key to unlocking the full potential of their cities.

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The I-teams in Louisville, Kentucky host a Wi-Fi hackathon.

Strengthening City Data to Improve Lives

Bloomberg Philanthropies believes that using data to inform decision-making is essential to running a city. Unfortunately, in cities across the United States, mayors lack the tools and staff to use data and evidence to improve how governing gets done. By providing robust technical support, access to expertise, and peer-to-peer learning to cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies is helping cities to better use data and evidence to engage the public, improve services, evaluate progress, and make sound investment decisions.

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Scottsdale, Arizona's Traffic Management Center.

Bloomberg Cities Network

For Local Government Innovators

Visit the Bloomberg Cities Network, created in partnership with Johns Hopkins for city leaders and innovators full of resources, learning opportunities, and connections to peers around the world. Join the network to receive exclusive resources, including access to world-class training and events, peer networking opportunities, powerful city solutions, and more.

Top photo: Mitch Weiss, Harvard Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School, speaks to Mayor cohort during the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.