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Government Technology: Can Alaska Help Solve Climate Change?

November 8, 2018

Bloomberg Philanthropies has chosen Anchorage, Alaska, as a 2018 Public Art Challenge, and the city will now get up to $1 million for a project aimed at finding solutions to climate change.

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The Associated Press: Mayors Challenge Winners Target Justice, Homeless, Energy

October 29, 2018

The idea for a juvenile justice hub started with a handful of Philadelphia police officers who knew the way they interacted with juveniles had to change. The judges of the Bloomberg Philanthropies U.S. Mayors Challenge are willing to bet their idea will work.

Bloomberg announced the nine winners of the challenge that tasked cities to develop innovative solutions to their biggest problems that other cities might copy if they are successful. Each winner will receive $1 million in prize money to implement the ideas.

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The Guardian: World’s top fishing nations to be given millions to protect oceans

October 29, 2018

Millions of pounds’ worth of funding to tackle global overfishing and protect coral reefs will be announced at a major conference in Indonesia. Politicians, marine experts and philanthropists will convene in Bali at the Our Ocean conference to agree commitments on how to address the pressures facing our oceans, including rising sea temperatures, unsustainable fishing practices, marine pollution and coral bleaching. Bloomberg Philanthropies will announce a cash injection of $86m [£67m] to support coastal communities across 10 countries, including Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Tanzania, Peru and the US.

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The Washington Post: The talent is out there. So why don’t elite colleges enroll more low-income students?

August 6, 2018

We worked with Bloomberg Philanthropies and a group of high-graduation-rate colleges — now numbering more than 100 — to form the American Talent Initiative (ATI). ATI is based on the belief that colleges can achieve more by working together — making shared commitments to prioritize socioeconomic diversity, holding one another accountable, and sharing strategies that work — than by going it alone. Unlike previous attempts to address this challenge, we’ve set a concrete goal: enroll and graduate 50,000 additional low- and middle-income students per year at high-graduation-rate colleges and universities by 2025.

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CoffeeTalk: Women’s Economic Development

July 30, 2018

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Women’s Economic Development program, a Bloomberg Philanthropies Founder’s Project dedicated to promoting work opportunities for women in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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Inside Philanthropy: The Head of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Arts Program on Harnessing the “Power of the Creative Sector”

July 12, 2018

Bloomberg has proven to be well ahead of the curve in an arts funding landscape that finds donors increasingly concerned about engaging diverse audiences, supporting smaller cash-strapped organizations and articulating the value of the “arts experience.”

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NPR: Virtual Advisers Help Out With College Admissions

June 18, 2018

Johnny and Theresa have been checking in like this all school year, paired up through a program called CollegePoint that’s funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Here’s how it works. When a high school student like Johnny takes the PSAT or SAT and they do well, and they come from low-income or moderate-income families, they get an e-mail from the program offering them a free virtual adviser.

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The Guardian, Nigeria: RwandAir partners Question Coffee to create economic opportunities for women

June 9, 2018

The airline is proud to advance the Made in Rwanda initiative through its industry leadership by offering Question Coffee and will be connecting the world to locally grown and roasted coffee.

Question Coffee is a social enterprise funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and powered by 27,000 women who are now managing their own businesses and supporting their families in Rwanda.

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The New York Times: What’s the Biggest Challenge for Colleges and Universities?

June 5, 2018

One of the biggest challenges in education today is an ideological disagreement over whether we should focus on getting every student accepted to a four-year college, or whether we should place far more emphasis on career preparation.

The truth is, we need to do both — and the problem is, we’re not doing either one very well.

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Fast Company: Bloomberg Philanthropies bets $42 million on the power of cities

May 25, 2018

The annual report coincides with another Bloomberg announcement to commit $42 million to expand What Works Cities, especially to smaller cities–those with at least 30,000 people–in part because data shows it’s really working. (Key findings from the report include how Chattanooga, Tennessee is figuring out new ways to recruit for diversity within its police force. Twelve cities are now sharing similar lessons although it’ll take time to see the results.)

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