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EnvironmentGlobal Beyond Coal
India's Clean Power Revolution

Ambitious targets, comprehensive government policies and economics have placed India amongst the most vibrant clean energy markets in the world. As the energy transition accelerates, this decade brings new challenges and opportunities for all the actors in India’s clean power revolution.

Public HealthPreventing Drowning

This paper estimates the impact on childhood drowning rates of community-based introduction of crèches or playpens or both in rural Bangladesh for children aged 0–47 months.

Public HealthImproving Road Safety

Information from the literature and industry sources suggests that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is relatively cheap to implement on vehicles which already contain Anti-lock Braking Systems: just US$50 per car. If regulation for ESC were introduced in the countries of interest in 2020, by 2030 almost 420 million cars across these seven countries could have the technology installed.


Mayors and city officials are responding to the needs of their most vulnerable constituents and are stepping up commitments to racial and social equity. This means looking for ways to integrate equity considerations into a broad range of policies and activities. Climate action plans will reshape local job prospects, housing costs, transportation systems, environmental health conditions, and more.

Public HealthReducing Tobacco Use

Although the adoption of comprehensive tobacco control policies has advanced steadily since 2007, there is much work to be done. There are 59 countries that have yet to adopt a single MPOWER measure at the highest level of achievement – and 49 of them are low and middle-income countries. Additionally, the pace of progress for adopting some MPOWER measures has been slower than for others.

Public HealthImproving Road Safety

The potential for vehicle safety standards to prevent deaths and injuries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico: a 2018 update.

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies‘ unique approach is grounded in Mike Bloomberg‘s experience in business, government, and philanthropy. In every challenge that the Bloomberg team takes on, they apply his approach to make progress saving and improving lives around the world.

Founder's ProjectsUS Virgin Islands

Recovering and building a more resilient system after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Founder's ProjectsWomen’s Economic Development

The Nest Artisan Guild includes small or medium enterprises (SMEs) who directly engage with a network of artisans and utilize handwork in more than 60% of their production activities. At the point of entry into the Guild, artisan business leaders participate in a digital intake survey that collects self reported baseline data on business structure, employee demographics, business performance, and barriers to growth. Data collection is repeated on an annual basis in order to maintain up-to-date and accurate information about each business, and to facilitate time-bound comparisons of demographic data and business performance.

Public HealthTask Force on Fiscal Policy for Health

For this report, the Task Force reviewed the evidence on the impact of tobacco, alcohol, and sugary beverage excise tax policy on consumption, health, and revenue outcomes. In addition, the Task Force commissioned an analysis of the potential impact of significant excise tax increases on these products.