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Bloomberg Philanthropies Hosting Global Road Safety Experts Meeting with Elite Global Network of Cities and Countries Dedicated to Improving Road Safety

Conference in Bangkok, Thailand will focus on Improving Road Safety in 10 Cities & 5 Countries

Bloomberg Philanthropies will convene 125 road safety experts from 15 countries, including government officials, law enforcement, and others, to address one of the world’s leading causes of preventable death. Road crashes kill more than 1.25 million people a year worldwide and injure more than 50 million, with deaths disproportionately taking place in low- to middle-income countries.

The 10 cities and five countries partnering with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety will convene in Bangkok, Thailand July 27–29, 2016 to address strategies to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries. More than 125 representatives from the 10 cities, five countries, and nine global road safety organizations will participate in the two-day meeting.

“The United Nations has recognized the critical and dangerous situation that exists on roads all over the world by addressing it as part of the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dr. Kelly Henning, Director of the Public Health program at Bloomberg Philanthropies. “It’s up to those of us already working on this problem to build on the lessons learned and our successes, collaborate with our partners, and identify and encourage new stakeholders to participate – that’s why this meeting is critical.”

The five countries working to review and strengthen road safety legislation include China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Tanzania. The 10 cities implementing evidence-based road safety strategies include:

1. Accra, Ghana;
2. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;
3. Bandung, Indonesia;
4. Bangkok, Thailand;
5. Bogotá, Colombia;
6. Fortaleza, Brazil;
7. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam;
8. Mumbai, India;
9. São Paulo, Brazil; and
10. Shanghai, China.

Since announcing the current five-year commitment in 2015, Bloomberg Philanthropies and global road safety partners have actively engaged municipal and national leaders to implement road safety strategies that will save lives and reduce injuries. These road safety strategies include strengthened legislation, improved infrastructure and safer sustainable urban transportation, as well as increased seat-belt and helmet use, and reduced drinking and speeding.

Bloomberg Philanthropies will provide a host of workshops designed to establish and promote prevention strategies. Training sessions will focus on law enforcement, communications to inform the public on safety, safer mobility and safer streets, as well as case studies on cities and countries that have implemented successful strategies.

The Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety supports nine leading global road safety organizations to work with the cities and countries to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries. Partners include:

  • Global Health Advocacy Incubator
  • Global New Car Assessment Program
  • Global Road Safety Partnership
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • National Association of City Transportation Officials
  • Vital Strategies
  • World Bank Global Road Safety Facility
  • World Health Organization
  • World Resources Institute

Bloomberg Philanthropies has committed more than $259 million to work in low- and middle-income cities and countries with a high burden of road-related fatalities. The Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety focuses on implementing key interventions proven to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries.

Since Bloomberg Philanthropies began funding proven road safety interventions in 2007:

  • Nearly two billion people have been covered by strengthened road safety laws;
  • 65 million people have been exposed to hard-hitting media campaigns promoting road safety;
  • Close to 30,000 professionals have been trained on road safety tactics;
  • Governments have committed $225 million towards infrastructure improvements that will make roads safer; and
  • Approximately 125,000 lives will be saved through Bloomberg-supported road safety activities.

On July 26th, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, in concert with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Vital Strategies and World Resources Institute, will host a press conference launching a new mass media campaign on motorcycle helmet use, a critical factor for road safety in Bangkok, as well as a panel discussion by experts on designing safer cities. To RSVP for the press conference, please email Jon Steed at The road safety conference on July 27–29 will be closed to press but following the convening, Bloomberg Philanthropies will share key lessons learned and highlights from the conference.

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