Beyond Carbon

Moving the United States toward a 100% clean energy economy

Science shows that climate impacts are getting worse: carbon pollution is warming the planet, and it is affecting people every day and everywhere, from increased asthma attacks to homes lost to devastating fires and floods.

The good news is that solutions to climate change and alternatives to fossil fuels are available now. Renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, are emissions-free and cheaper than coal power – and they create more jobs and enhance local economic development. Electric vehicles, cheaper advanced batteries, electric heating and cooling units and other technologies mean we already have methods to readily replace most of the fossil fuels in our lives – and they will give us cheaper energy and cleaner air.

The ongoing climate leadership at the state, local and business levels, combined with innovative, economically competitive clean energy technologies, have set the stage for the United States to move Beyond Carbon.

To help address the mounting climate change crisis, Michael R. Bloomberg launched Beyond Carbon, the largest-ever coordinated campaign against climate change in the United States. Beyond Carbon is working with advocates around the country to build on the leadership and climate progress underway in our states, cities, and communities to maximize the progress on climate change. Beyond Carbon is working to get the country on the path to a 100 percent clean energy economy and ensure that after the 2020 election, the next Administration inherits a country already well on the way to a full clean energy economy.

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