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Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute Announce an Unprecedented Effort to Advance Precision Medicine

Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM), and The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute today announced an initiative to fundamentally advance and expand the science of precision medicine, in which diagnostic disease markers are defined with pinpoint accuracy to help researchers understand disease pathways and customize therapeutic approaches. The collaboration will combine the renowned clinical and medical expertise of Johns Hopkins with the unique stem cell technologies and research capabilities of the NYSCF Research Institute to accelerate Hopkins’ pioneering Precision Medicine Initiatives.

World’s Seven Best Climate Projects Announced as 2019 C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards Winners

C40 and Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the seven winners of the 2019 C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen. Representing the most ambitious and impactful projects by mayors to tackle the global climate crisis, the sixth annual C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards celebrated the best projects across seven categories that define this year’s theme – The Future We Want.

Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge Releases Winning Strategies for Cities to Fight the Climate Crisis, Reduce Air Pollution, and Improve Lives 

At the 2019 C40 World Mayors Summit, eight U.S. Mayors joined Mike Bloomberg to release the American Cities Climate Challenge Climate Action Playbook, a strategic guide to accelerate and deepen climate action in cities. The Playbook highlighted 30 high-impact actions that are currently being implemented in twenty-five of the largest U.S. cities through the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge.

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the World Cities Culture Forum Announce the Second Leadership Exchange for Cultural Leaders in Global Cities

The World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF), the leading network for cities and culture, is now accepting applications from current WCCF member cities to participate in the Leadership Exchange Programme. The Leadership Exchange enables city leaders in the cultural sector to share ideas that advance local projects and policymaking. In each Exchange, a team of city representatives and cultural leaders will visit a member city facing common challenges to learn about innovative strategies, policies and programmes that can be advanced in their home cities.‎

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces $120 Million Reinvestment to Expand its Data for Health Initiative

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the next stage in its groundbreaking initiative to help governments in developing countries gather accurate data about the health of their citizens. With an additional $120 million in funding over four years, Data for Health will expand its partnership from 20 to 25 countries—reaching 1.5 billion people—to help strengthen the quality of their birth and death registrations and use of that data by decision makers. In addition, select countries will monitor noncommunicable disease risk factors such as tobacco use through innovative mobile surveys and will establish cancer registries for the first time.

Michael Bloomberg, State of California and Planet Partner to Deliver New Satellite Climate Data Solutions

Michael R. Bloomberg, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action; California Governor Gavin Newsom; and Planet, the San Francisco-based earth-imaging company, announced Satellites for Climate Action, a new initiative that will use satellite data to inform and accelerate climate protection. The coordinated effort will bring together governments, philanthropists, environmental groups, and technology companies to use satellite technologies to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and turn satellite data into actionable information. The initiative was unveiled at the third annual Bloomberg Global Business Forum.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Replication of Mayors Challenge-Winning Early Childhood Learning Innovation in Five U.S. Cities 

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the five American cities that will replicate Providence Talks, an early childhood education program that empowers parents and caregivers with tools to support language development at a critical age and help children enter kindergarten classroom ready. Combined with local investments, the support provided across five cities totals nearly $12 million over three years.

U.N. Special Envoy for Climate Action Michael Bloomberg Answers Secretary General António Guterres’ Call to End New Coal by 2020

At the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit, United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action Michael R. Bloomberg announced his support for U.N. Secretary General António Guterres’ initiative to stop the development of new coal-fired power plants after 2020.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches New $160 Million Program to End the Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic

In response to alarming levels of e-cigarette use among youth in the United States—including a 78 percent increase among high school students in just one year—Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the creation of a new $160 million initiative to end the youth e-cigarette epidemic. Goals of the initiative, “Protect Kids: Fight Flavored E-Cigarettes,” include banning all flavored e-cigarettes — and stopping Juul and other e-cigarette companies from marketing their products to children.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Partnership to Scale Civic Innovation Program in Israel

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced today the launch of Hazira, a national hub for city innovation and a major new effort to accelerate civic innovation in municipalities across Israel. In partnership with the Ministry of the Interior and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Hazira will scale the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Innovation Teams (i-teams) program to 12 new cities across Israel over the course of five years and provide municipalities with the tools needed to tackle their most difficult, complex challenges.

Michael Bloomberg to Host 2019 Global Business Forum, Bringing Together Heads of State and International CEOs to Address Restoring Global Economic Stability and Investing in the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

Michael R. Bloomberg announced the third annual Bloomberg Global Business Forum (GBF) will be held in New York City on Wednesday, September 25th at the Plaza Hotel during the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, this year the day-long forum will focus on aligning governments and businesses on combatting the greatest current threats to global prosperity – the rise of economic and environmental instability.

The Jewish Museum Launches New Audio Tours Featuring a Range of Perspectives, Available on All Devices

The Jewish Museum has launched new audio tours that will illuminate works of art from the Museum’s collection, highlight a range of perspectives, and provide an engaging experience for visitors of all backgrounds. Tours feature the voices of contemporary artists Maira Kalman, Isaac Mizrahi, Arlene Shechet, and Kehinde Wiley; curators and rabbis discussing Jewish traditions and rituals through ceremonial objects; 5th and 6th grade students talking about art; and verbal descriptions for visitors who are blind or have low vision.

Available on, the audio tours are available on a new web app that is easily accessible on any device with internet access, for both on-site and off-site use. The initiative was funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Announces Third Class of Mayors to Go Back to School

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative today announced the third class of forty-one mayors from around the world who will participate in the yearlong education and professional development program designed exclusively for mayors and city leaders. The forty-one mayors joined Harvard faculty and renowned management experts in New York City this week for a 3-day, immersive classroom experience to kick-off the program.

Michael Bloomberg and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, Launch Joint Project to Monitor Air Pollution in Paris Schools

UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) Michael R. Bloomberg joined Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, at a primary school in central Paris to launch a project between Bloomberg Philanthropies and the City of Paris to better understand and improve air quality at schools throughout the city.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches New Digital Innovation Project for European Cities

Michael R. Bloomberg announced a new initiative for European capital cities that aims to accelerate digital innovation to improve critical services and deliver better results for residents. Across Europe, cities are undertaking significant efforts to embrace technology and design to transform public services and better leverage public data to solve problems. Through project support, grants, and professional development programming for Chief Digital Officers and other key leaders, Bloomberg Philanthropies aims to help European cities consolidate digital leadership – and share lessons learned with cities across the rest of the world.

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ballmer Group Announce Ten U.S. Cities to Join New Initiative to Increase Economic Mobility

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ballmer Group announced the ten American cities that will participate in a new national initiative to identify, pilot, and measure the success of interventions to accelerate economic mobility for their residents. The U.S. cities embarking on this project are: Albuquerque, NM; Cincinnati, OH; Dayton, OH; Detroit, MI; Lansing, MI; New Orleans, LA; Newark, NJ; Racine, WI; Rochester, NY; and Tulsa, OK.

Michael R. Bloomberg’s Annual Letter on Philanthropy: “In the year ahead, as political candidates debate what to do in the future, we will work to improve the present by expanding our efforts”

In Michael R. Bloomberg’s new letter on philanthropy, released as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ 2019 annual report, he writes, “Every day, the window for avoiding the worst impacts of climate change grows smaller. More Americans lose loved ones to opioid overdoses and gun violence. More students miss out on a good education and the opportunity to go to college. And communities that were once home to thriving industries slip further behind in the changing economy. Proposing ideas for 2021 isn’t good enough. We need to get things done in the here and now, and I’m lucky enough to be in a position to help that.”

New Report Finds 195,000 Deaths and Serious Injuries Could Be Prevented in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil if Vehicle Safety Regulations Were Applied

A new report commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropies reveals that more than 25,000 Latin American lives could be saved and over 170,000 serious injuries prevented by 2030 if United Nations (UN) vehicle safety regulations were applied by four key countries in the region—Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Michael Bloomberg Launches Beyond Carbon, the Largest-Ever Coordinated Campaign Against Climate Change in United States

In a commencement address at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael R. Bloomberg will launch Beyond Carbon, the largest coordinated campaign to tackle climate change ever undertaken in the United States. With a $500 million investment — the largest ever philanthropic effort to fight the climate crisis — Beyond Carbon will work to ­put the U.S. on track towards a 100% clean energy economy by working with advocates around the country to build on the leadership and climate progress underway in our states, cities, and communities. Bloomberg and his foundation joined forces with the Sierra Club in 2011 to launch Beyond Coal with the goal of closing at least a third of the country’s coal plants. With 289 of 530 closed to date – more than half the country’s coal fleet – Beyond Carbon will aim to close the rest by 2030 and stop the rush to build new gas plants.

Michael Bloomberg Announces New Funding for “America’s Pledge” U.S. Climate Report to Counter Trump Administration’s Failure on Addressing Climate Crisis

Michael R. Bloomberg, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, is doubling down on his commitment to support ongoing efforts at the state and local levels to combat the climate crisis as the current U.S. administration fails to act. Bloomberg will grant $2.3 million to the University of Maryland’s Center for Global Sustainability and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to evaluate and analyze current U.S. greenhouse gas emissions reductions. As UN Special Envoy, Bloomberg will submit the report to the United Nations to demonstrate U.S. progress in meeting carbon reduction commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Michael Bloomberg Announces Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit

Michael R. Bloomberg announced the largest expected convening of Midwest universities focused on mitigating the effects of climate change and moving to a 100% clean-energy economy. The Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit will be held in early 2020, bringing together leaders from Midwestern universities, local government and the private sector to drive measurable, local action on climate by leveraging the partnerships, innovations and talent from institutions of higher education. In parallel to the new global commitments made by federal leaders in line with the Paris Agreement, the Climate Summit will catalyze climate action commitments from all regional leaders and provide a support network to achieve new ambitious goals. Bloomberg Philanthropies will provide support for the operations of the Climate Summit.

SEED Lab, a Center to Incubate Solutions for Energy and Equity through Design, Opens May 4

SEED Lab, a center to bring artists, designers, engineers and community members together to propose solutions to climate change and related challenges, opens to the public May 4, 2019. It is located in a building in the downtown Design District, across from the Anchorage Museum.

Launched in partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage and the Anchorage Museum, SEED Lab is one of five winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge. The Challenge awarded $1 million each to five cities to create temporary public art projects that address important civic issues.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces the American Cities Best at Using Data to Improve Residents’ Lives in 2019

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the seven cities to achieve 2019 What Works Cities Certification, a national standard of excellence in city governance. What Works Cities Certification rates how well cities are managed by measuring the extent to which city leaders incorporate data and evidence in their decision-making. This year, the Certification recognizes Arlington, TX; Kansas City, MO; Louisville, KY; Memphis, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Scottsdale, AZ; and Washington, DC.

Michael Bloomberg Contributes Additional $5.5 Million to United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to Again Fill United States Federal Funding Gap

Michael R. Bloomberg, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, announced that for the second year in a row he will make up the funding gap left by the United States federal government and provide $5.5 million to the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to ensure it can continue its critical work empowering countries to meet the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. Today’s announcement, along with the $4.5 million he contributed last year for the same purpose, brings his support for the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to a total of $10 million in the past two years.

The Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health Calls for Increase in Excise Taxes on Tobacco, Alcohol and Sugary Beverages

The Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health, created to address the growing global burden of noncommunicable diseases, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, today released new findings showing that over 50 million premature deaths could be prevented if countries implemented tax increases large enough to raise product prices of tobacco, alcohol and sugary beverages by 50 percent over the next 50 years. The Task Force-commissioned analysis, published in the report “Health Taxes to Save Lives,” found that the impact of these taxes, projected to yield over US$20 trillion in revenue, would be highest in low- and middle-income countries, where consumption and associated healthcare costs and productivity losses are growing.

Michael Bloomberg Calls for Leadership from Utility Sector in Global Decarbonization Efforts

At the BloombergNEF (BNEF) Summit, Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, announced plans for a new Decarbonization Tracker for utilities.  It will track the progress made by utility companies transitioning away from fossil fuels, as part of the larger global effort to reduce carbon emissions to levels in line with those established by the Paris Agreement.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces New Collaboration with the OECD to Advance Innovation in Municipalities Around the World

Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced a new partnership with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that will measure the impact of city innovation on the lives of urban residents around the world at the 4th meeting of the OECD Champion Mayors Initiative for Inclusive Growth in Athens.  James Anderson, Head of Government Innovation at Bloomberg Philanthropies, joined Jose Angel Gurria Trevino, Secretary General of the OECD, this week to reveal the new collaboration.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces $10 Million Investment in Michigan to Help Curb Opioid Overdose Deaths

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the next state in its groundbreaking $50 million initiative to combat the nationwide opioid crisis, providing $10 million in support to Michigan to help the state address its fast-rising opioid overdose death rate. Michigan joins Pennsylvania as the first two states selected for this initiative, which comes amid an alarming decline in U.S. life expectancy driven in large part by a massive increase in opioid use nationwide.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Partners with EdVestors to Bring Arts Internship Program to Boston High School Students 

EdVestors, a school improvement nonprofit in Boston, today announced a new partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies to bring the Bloomberg Arts Internship program to Boston. Twenty-five rising high school seniors will have paid internships this summer at local arts and cultural organizations. The unique program is designed to help students develop career skills, gain professional experience in the arts, and provides students college-readiness preparation. EdVestors will work with Boston organizations to recruit students and participating cultural organizations.

Bloomberg Philanthropies and National Geographic Announce “Your Shot” Assignment for Climate Change Photography

Ahead of a screening of their documentary, Paris to Pittsburgh, at National Geographic’s headquarters, Bloomberg Philanthropies and National Geographic announced a joint call for citizen photographers to document local climate leadership in their communities and have the chance to be featured on National Geographic and Bloomberg digital platforms.