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Annual Report / Bloomberg L.P.

Annual Report 2022-2023: Bloomberg L.P.

Harnessing the Team’s Talents to Serve Local Communities

Founded by Mike in 1981, Bloomberg L.P. is a global leader in business and financial data, news, and analysis. The vast majority of the company’s profits go to Bloomberg Philanthropies, and giving back has always been a pillar of the company’s culture. The Corporate Philanthropy program leverages the time and talents of employees and builds upon deep client relationships to create a lasting impact in the communities where employees live and work.

Impact by the Numbers

Our Corporate Philanthropy programs and partnerships tackle critical issues, with a focus on supporting vulnerable and underresourced communities, promoting an inclusive global economy, expanding access to data and technology, and supporting new and diverse voices in the media.


Watch How Bloomberg Volunteers Make a Powerful Impact Around the World

In 2022:

Employees engaged

Employees engaged

Team projects

Hours volunteered

Cities reached

Cities reached

Nonprofits supported

Nonprofits supported

Mentoring interactions

Mentoring experiences facilitated

Aid kits created

Aid kits created

Trees planted

Trees planted

Meals distributed

Meals distributed


Credit: Tom Jamieson

With our support, designer Thomas Heatherwick created the Tree of Trees as the centerpiece for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration. The 70-foot sculpture was made of reclaimed steel and featured 350 living, potted trees. After the celebration, the saplings were planted throughout the United Kingdom, honoring the Queen’s longstanding dedication to bringing greenery into urban areas.

Addressing the World’s Most Pressing Needs

In 2022, in response to pressing global challenges, including humanitarian and environmental disasters, Bloomberg provided financial assistance, offered pro bono expertise from employees, and assembled more than 87,000 care packages. Our employee giving program contributed $10.2 million to nonprofit organizations.

To help those affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we launched our largest-ever employee campaign. Nearly 2,700 employees in 61 cities contributed financially or volunteered, packing over 47,000 relief kits, providing almost 1.7 million meals to refugees, and supporting displaced journalists, Ukrainian students, and other efforts to reach those in need. Bloomberg provided free advertising via print, TV, and radio for partners to raise additional funds.

We also stepped up to tackle the climate crisis, including campaigns to address natural disasters fueled by climate change. Through our employee-led sustainability program, employees in 31 cities took actions that saved over 56 metric tons of carbon emissions. To support global wetlands, employees in nine cities cleaned rivers, removed invasive vegetation, or planted mangroves. We also supported projects in schools and communities to inspire a new generation of climate leaders.

Promoting an Inclusive Global Economy

Bloomberg has a legacy of helping make financial markets more accessible and transparent, and our philanthropic programs have continued to advance that mission. In 2022, employees facilitated more than 38,600 mentoring interactions with small business leaders, young people from underrepresented backgrounds, and many others, with the goal of helping to train the next generation of community, business, and finance leaders.

We have supported scholarships for high-achieving, lower-income college students in the United Kingdom, and tailored employee mentoring for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the United States. To expand opportunities for women, we built a number of partnerships that are educating young women about financial markets, providing mentorship and training sessions, and strengthening women-owned businesses.


In 2022, Bloomberg partnered on the launch of the Greater Bay Area Fintech Talent Initiative, which connects university students from diverse backgrounds with leaders in finance and other mentoring opportunities. The region, which includes Hong Kong, is poised to become Asia’s biggest technology powerhouse, and young, diverse talent has a critical role to play.

Supporting New and Diverse Voices in News and Media

Bloomberg leads a series of programs to help ensure that new and diverse voices have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to reporting and analysis in news and media. For many years, we have supported business and financial journalism education programs aimed at diversifying journalism and strengthening reporting, reaching more than 25,000 promising students and mid-career journalists in 46 countries.

In 2022, we led workshops to help refugee journalists restart their careers in the United Kingdom and supported displaced journalists and their families as part of our response to the crisis in Ukraine. Employees across Europe also organized sessions for more than 1,700 students focused on countering the spread of online misinformation in news

Bloomberg partnered on an internship program in London for students interested in finance and reporting.


Launched in 2014, the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) works to advance business journalism across the continent, with the goal to improve access to financial information and advance market transparency, accountability, and governance. In 2022, the program resumed following a pause due to the pandemic, with more than 50 journalists in Tanzania receiving training on data analysis, capital markets, accounting, and more. Since its inception, BMIA has graduated more than 800 journalists.

Expanding Access to Data and Technology

Drawing on a wealth of expertise in data and technology, Bloomberg works with students and nonprofit partners to strengthen data skills and unlock opportunity in an increasingly digital world. Engineers and designers at the company continued to collaborate with Bloomberg Philanthropies on the free Bloomberg Connects app, which provides digital guides to cultural organizations globally. Through a wide variety of other initiatives, employees taught students from underrepresented groups coding, technical, and soft skills to help them prepare for successful careers. We also provided nonprofit partners with technical assistance to improve their use of data and technology.

As part of our ongoing support for opensource software projects as a key driver of innovation in technology, Bloomberg launched a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Contributor Fund in 2022. Through the program, employees are now able to nominate and vote on open-source projects that will receive our philanthropic support.

Mumbai employee sharing his technical expertise in front of all audience
Employees in Mumbai shared their technical expertise with nonprofit partners.

Top photo: Employee volunteers in Dubai planted mangroves, among the more than 18,300 employees globally who volunteered over 131,000 hours in 2022.