Combatting Opioids

70,000 people died in the United States in 2017 from drug overdoses. Over 47,000 of those deaths were from opioid overdoses – more than guns and car crashes.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is addressing this public health epidemic and saving lives by supporting high-impact, state-based interventions that can be replicated by other states and localities.

The initiative has three approaches, each guided by evidence-based solutions and tailored to support states’ specific needs:


  1. Develop and implement comprehensive public health plans to tackle the opioid crisis in two hard-hit states, Pennsylvania and Michigan, through collaboration with the state government to identify opportunities to implement innovative solutions.
  2. Technical support and expertise in up to eight hard-hit states to guide government policy and planning.
  3. Pilot and develop evidence-based guidelines and tools to advance statewide policies and programs nationwide.