Women’s Economic Development


Bloomberg Philanthropies invests in programs that create opportunities for women and their families. Our participants can enter the workforce and gain access to markets. Bloomberg Philanthropies uses a collaborative approach with non-profits, the private sector, and government agencies to reach women and their families.


Vocational Training and Skills-Building

Since 2008, Bloomberg Philanthropies has worked with the non-profit, Women for Women International, to train women in market skills so they can increase their incomes and support their families, communities and countries. Learn more here: Training and Skills Building

Training Smallholder Farmers in Rural Communities to Develop Businesses and Create Market Access

Since 2013, Bloomberg Philanthropies has supported the Relationship Coffee Institute, a non-profit created in partnership with Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, to train women farmers so they become fully engaged, recognized participants in the coffee value chain. Learn more here: Farmer Training

Training Artisans and Establishing Global Standards

In 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies invested in the non-profit Nest to build the capacity of the organization to reach artisans and create market access for this unrecognized global workforce. Learn more here: Artisans and Homeworkers

Increasing Access to Quality Reading Materials

In 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with Library For All and the Imbuto Foundation – founded by the First Lady of Rwanda – to increase access to a wide range of culturally relevant and quality reading materials. Learn more here: Education for All 

Mapping Funding in Africa Across All Issues

In 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies invested in Equal Footing, a Foundation Center project, which launched a free web portal. The web portal offers easy to use technology that allows users to study previous and current philanthropic efforts in absolute terms to encourage strategic, data-driven and collaborative approaches to future investments. Learn more here: Equal Footing