Bloomberg Arts Internship

Enhancing Student Achievement and Development Through the Arts

Enriching summer experiences can have a big impact on a student development. Bloomberg Philanthropies supports a unique summer internship program in Baltimore, Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia that provides rising high school seniors with work experience at select cultural institutions along with work readiness and college preparation training. By connecting students with enriching summer internships at local arts organizations, Bloomberg Philanthropies is working to give young residents the tools they need to excel in high school, college, and beyond.

Supporting Student Growth and Learning

Through the Bloomberg Arts Internship program, students gain familiarity and comfort with workplace etiquette, improve verbal and written communication skills, explore cultural assets in their city, develop critical life and work skills, and prepare to apply and transition into college. In addition, the program aims to encourage a more equitable and diverse range of staff and audiences among cultural institutions, while instilling in the students an understanding and appreciation of the important civic contributions of arts and culture.