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Indonesia, Bloomberg Philanthropies and ViriyaENB Announce New Partnership to Improve Air Quality in Greater Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia and New York, NY The Government of Indonesia, represented by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs (CMMAI/Marves), today announced a new initiative in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and ViriyaENB to improve air quality in the Greater Jakarta area. Home to approximately 30 million people, the Greater Jakarta area is one of the world’s largest and most sprawling metropolises, surrounded by industrial plants and countless home-based small industries.  

The new initiative seeks to boost technical expertise and data research on air pollution, as well as develop policy recommendations to serve as a building block towards a national blueprint to improve air quality standards in Indonesian cities.

Air quality in the Greater Jakarta area has declined in recent months due to this year’s prolonged dry season and emissions from motorized vehicles and surrounding industrial plants. The new partnership is expected to complement Indonesia’s pathway to net-zero emissions and its efforts to increase climate resilience. Air quality has become a top priority following the rising air pollution in the Greater Jakarta area and Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s call for his administration to make health-based efforts to address the issue. 

“Air pollution in Greater Jakarta area is a complex and multi-layered challenge that requires collaboration from national and international key stakeholders to formulate and implement innovative solutions,” said Rachmat Kaimuddin, Deputy for Infrastructure and Transportation for the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (CMMAI/Marves). “Thus, we are pleased to enter this new partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and ViriyaENB, as they will bring world-class expertise and solutions to the table.”

“Air pollution is an environmental and public health challenge that can only be addressed with accurate data, political will, and strong partnerships,” said Antha Williams, who leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Environment Program. “Through this new collaboration with the Government of Indonesia, we look forward to working with partners and the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs to ensure the Greater Jakarta area has access to clean air that improves health and strengthens the economy.”

The partnership will support Indonesia’s efforts to reduce air pollution by focusing on:  

  • Data and Research: Promoting the use of transparent data sources and evidence-based scientific research to inform national air quality policymaking; 
  • Convenings and Engagement: Adopting a multi-stakeholder approach to engage all key national government agencies, relevant subnational governments, industries, key community groups, and experts in developing comprehensive clean air action plans for Greater Jakarta; 
  • Technical Expertise: Mobilizing the best national and international technical expertise to support air quality improvement efforts in Greater Jakarta;
  • Communications & Knowledge Sharing: Facilitating constructive learning exchanges among relevant government officials, industries, community stakeholders, and expert groups.

“The outcomes of this initiative, which will be built on a foundation of accurate and transparent data, will not only mitigate the impacts of toxic air pollution in Greater Jakarta but also provide a blueprint for the rest of Indonesia to follow,” said Suzanty Sitorus, Executive Director of ViriyaENB. “We look forward to extending our partnership with the Government of Indonesia and Bloomberg Philanthropies to tackle this immense and complex challenge.” 

Today’s announcement builds on the Jakarta Clean Air Partnership, launched in 2020 between the Jakarta Provincial Government (DKI Jakarta), Bloomberg Philanthropies, and implementing partner Vital Strategies to enhance the availability and use of air quality data, analyzing policy solutions and promoting public awareness on the health impacts of air pollution. The partnership successfully released the “Toward Clean Air Jakarta” white paper, which highlights sources of air pollution in Jakarta, the efforts undertaken to reduce air pollution and an initial set of policy proposals for the Jakarta Province.

Today’s announcement is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Global Clean Air Program. It follows Bloomberg Philanthropies’ launch of Breathe Cities, a global initiative to break down barriers to action and ensure communities worldwide have access to clean air. The program builds on existing efforts led by Bloomberg Philanthropies in global cities such as Brussels, London, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, and others to track air pollution and shape public advocacy and policy measures to reduce pollution. It also builds on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ existing partnership with ClimateWorks Foundation to advance clean energy transition in cities, states, and countries in different parts of the world. 

Air pollution stands as one of the most urgent global issues. Almost no urban area has air quality that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. 41% of cities have air pollution over seven times higher than WHO’s recommendation, meaning their residents are breathing dangerously polluted air that can cause a suite of health issues such as asthma and respiratory illnesses. Air pollution is also associated with 7 million premature deaths each year. And worldwide, air pollution costs the global economy $8.1 trillion, the equivalent of 6.1% of global GDP. Residents who live in cities where density, geography, and pollution from transportation and industry pose unique daily hazards live face to face with this reality.

About Bloomberg Philanthropies:
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About ViriyaENB: 
Yayasan Visi Indonesia Raya Emisi Nol Bersih, or ViriyaENB in short, is the first Indonesian-led climate foundation dedicated to supporting Indonesia in achieving net-zero emissions, underpinned by an equitable and regenerative economy by mid-century. To achieve this vision, ViriyaENB advances solutions based on science and technology, rooted in local wisdom and international best practices, and creates positive social and humanitarian outcomes such as climate resilience, economic progress, equity, and environmental protection.

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