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Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Launch of

Website Features First Look at the Organization’s Activities in 5 Focus Areas: Public Health, Environment, Education, Government Innovation and Arts & Culture

Foundation Releases Inaugural Annual Program Update and Letter by Michael R. Bloomberg

Bloomberg Philanthropies today launched a new website featuring the first comprehensive look at all programs and initiatives in the organization’s five key focus areas including Public Health, Environment, Education, Government Innovation and the Arts at

The new Bloomberg Philanthropies website defines the mission, work, and philanthropic approach of the foundation. It features the first annual program update and letter by Michael R. Bloomberg, providing an in-depth look at the organization’s charitable activities for 2012. The letter lays out Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic philosophy, and how his experiences as Mayor of New York City and as an entrepreneur inform Bloomberg Philanthropies’ approach to its work. The website also features program and initiative information, reports and case studies, as well as a blog with updates on the latest news from Bloomberg Philanthropies and partners worldwide.

“I believe we all have a responsibility to shape the future for the better—and to leave our children and theirs a better world,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “Bloomberg Philanthropies puts what I’ve learned during my time as an entrepreneur and mayor to work supporting those who are saving lives, driving change, inspiring audiences, and protecting the planet.”

“The new Bloomberg Philanthropies website–combined with our inaugural Annual Letter and Program Update–will allow us to better communicate the work we and our partners do to help people around the world live better, longer lives,” said Bloomberg.

Michael R. Bloomberg’s entrepreneurial spirit, public-policy experience, and belief in the power of cities to drive solutions to pressing global problems define Bloomberg Philanthropies’ approach to making the world a better place. Bloomberg Philanthropies works in five focus areas that encompass the issues Michael R. Bloomberg is most passionate about, including:

– Public Health: Bloomberg Philanthropies’ public health program aims to combat preventable health hazards by spreading proven solutions to protect more people and save more lives. Tobacco Control, Road Safety and Maternal Health programs use effective strategies on the local and national levels to improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

– Environment: Bloomberg Philanthropies believes that real progress fighting climate change happens at the local level and focuses on spurring change through initiatives to promote clean energy and urban sustainability.

– Education: Bloomberg Philanthropies aims to improve education in America with a program to strengthen educational leadership and to advance good public policy in communities across the United States.

– Government Innovation: Bloomberg Philanthropies equips mayors and local leaders with practical tools and approaches to solve major challenges and enable public sector innovation to flourish. Initiatives include the Mayors Challenge, Cities of Service, Innovation Delivery Teams and Financial Empowerment Centers.

– The Arts: Bloomberg Philanthropies is helping arts organizations learn vital strategies to better manage their operations and access new funding sources through unique programs and partnerships.