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Why is Mike so passionate about public health?

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Why Mike Believes in Public Health

Saving lives isn’t always about heroic rescues and moments of decisive action. Most of the time, it’s about extensive research and data, strong communications, and carefully crafted policies — in other words, public health. Public health has saved countless lives over generations, and keeps millions of us safe every day. But its history and impact are not well known, leaving us open to misunderstanding and vulnerable to misinformation. For decades, Mike has been a champion for stronger public health protections and awareness. In preparation for the debut of THE INVISIBLE SHIELD — a four-part documentary on the history and heroes of public health airing on PBS and starting March 26th — he shared a message about his first-hand experience working on “the invisible protections of public health policies, which make miracles possible.”

Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities to Seize Historic Opportunity for Local Climate Action

For years, mayors and local leaders have been leading America’s climate action with bold innovations and big ideas. With the passage of the largest U.S. climate investment ever in the Inflation Reduction Act and additional funds in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, cities today have historic opportunities to turbocharge their local climate efforts. The newly launched Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities initiative will help 25 U.S. cities leverage billions of dollars in available federal funding to support low-carbon, resilient, and economically thriving communities. Potential projects include developing affordable energy-efficient housing, increasing access to clean energy, investing in electric vehicles and infrastructure, and more.

Equity in the Built Environment

From homes and schools to roads and bridges, America has a lot of building and re-building to do to strengthen our future. But getting all of those possible projects underway will require adding a significant number of new workers to the construction industry — in 2024 alone, it’s estimated that more than half-a-million jobs must be filled to meet projected needs. If we hope to get so much building done, we need to break down barriers to those careers. As part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge, Rochester, Minnesota, has launched Equity in the Built Environment, an effort to strengthen and expand the available workforce by bringing traditionally underrepresented groups into the construction industry — and expanding economic possibilities for those residents. Watch the short video to see how they’re creating opportunities for women of color — and with women of color — to train for good jobs in the building fields.

A Day in the Life-Saving Work of the Partnership for Healthy Cities

A morning walk to work. Lunch at an elementary school. An evening bus ride. Thanks to the Partnership for Healthy Cities, these everyday activities are safer and healthier for people in cities around the world. Watch a video we showed at the recent Partnership for Healthy Cities Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, to see how. The Partnership for Healthy Cities engages with local leaders and community advocates to reduce significant health threats that cost millions of lives a year. Find out how that makes a difference for residents — morning, noon, and night — then take a moment to learn more about the Partnership.

Photo Spotlight:

Mike and Antha Williams, who leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Environment program, watch the SpaceX launch of the Environmental Defense Fund’s MethaneSAT, which will help track methane leaks and releases from space, bringing us a step closer to reducing emissions that account for nearly a third of the planet’s warming.

You can read Mike’s op-ed on the launch to learn more about the importance of MethaneSAT in the climate fight.