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Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Equipping mayors with cutting-edge training and support

Running a city is an extraordinarily complex job. There’s no playbook for leading a city government or for managing the myriad complex problems that come with it. There are, however, lessons to learn and strategies to replicate. Unfortunately, mayors often lack access to the outside experts who can help show them the way.

Bloomberg Cities Network

For Local Government Innovators

Visit the Bloomberg Cities Network, created in partnership with Johns Hopkins for city leaders and innovators full of resources, learning opportunities, and connections to peers around the world. Join the network to receive exclusive resources, including access to world-class training and events, peer networking opportunities, powerful city solutions, and more.

Since 2017, Bloomberg Philanthropies has partnered with Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to provide mayors around the world with the resources, support, and expertise they need to help them grow as leaders and to implement proven, innovative strategies in order to solve the biggest problems their cities face. The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative includes in-person and virtual classrooms, coaching and in-city support, executive education scholarships and fellowships, and access to real-time information, the latest research, and cutting-edge strategies.

To advance urban leadership globally, the initiative makes the products of its research freely available.


Jorrit de Jong, Senior Lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School, Shares More About Executive Training for Local Leaders


Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative: Collaborating for Better Cities

Top photo: Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University, Linda Blimes; Professor of the Practice of Urban Policy at Harvard University, Stephen Goldsmith; Bloomberg Associates Social Services Principal Linda Gibbs; and Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University, Akash Deep speak on a panel during the 3rd class of mayors in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Program in New York City.