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Partnership with Women for Women International

In 2008, Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with Women for Women International in Rwanda to create economic opportunities for women and their families through skills-building and vocational training. In 2009, we expanded our investment into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Sudan. Since 2008, over 235,000 women have enrolled in Bloomberg-funded programs and received training on financial literacy, health and wellness, and rights awareness. Each participant receives an individualized program plan that leads to a vocational track such as artisan crafts, agriculture, or construction.


Marking the 10th anniversary of partnership with Women for Women International

Women’s Opportunity Center – Built By and For Women

To fulfill the core mission of job creation and income generation, women received training in construction and a method of brick-making called “sand-molding.” A cooperative of 250 women learned the technique and created the 520,000 bricks that were used to construct the center. 


Watch how the Women’s Opportunity Center was designed from afar and then built by and for women in Rwanda

The women in the construction and brick-making business training program have secured multiple contracts, including building a local hospital and school. Since our investment in 2013, the brick cooperative has permanently employed 200 women.

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Top photo: The Women’s Opportunity Center was made by women. Women enrolled in Bloomberg Philanthropies brick-making and construction supply training program participated in the building and development of the Center.