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Black Wealth Data Center

In 2022, the Bloomberg Philanthropies Greenwood Initiative announced the creation of the Black Wealth Data Center (BWDC). It features a Racial Wealth Equity Database that aims to empower decision-makers with reliable data, become the go-to resource for wealth data, and raise the national standard for data collection and accessibility. The objective of the Black Wealth Data Center is to help practitioners and policymakers address racial wealth disparities by making relevant data available so they can develop and implement effective programs and policies to increase racial wealth equity.


Providing Greater Access to Racial Wealth Equity Data

Up until now, the data needed to fully understand why racial wealth disparities exist and persist has been out-of-date, inaccessible, not disaggregated by race, and not available at the local-level. Moreover, there are significant gaps in racial wealth equity data that makes it difficult for institutions, policymakers and practitioners to generate research, make investment decisions, and create evidence-based policies.

To help remedy this, the Black Wealth Data Center focuses on increasing accessibility to data sets related to assets and debt, business ownership, education, employment and homeownership. The BWDC also features accompanying content based on that data, such as commissioned reports, news articles, case studies, panel discussions, lectures, and additional analysis tools. 

The BWDC is incubated by Prosperity Now, a leading nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. focused on racial and ethnic economic equity.