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Global Beyond Coal

The use of coal power contributes to air pollution and climate change, and its costs far outweigh its benefits. Today, coal is the single largest contributor to global warming, posing a threat not only to the environment, but also to public health and the economy. Whether through exacerbated respiratory illness from air pollution or the growing environmental and structural damage caused by a warming planet, the negative impacts of burning coal are felt not only in the United States, but also around the world.

The coal industry is going up in smoke, as investors see more harmful pollution and climate damage. There must be no new coal, and all existing coal in the EU should be phased out by 2030.

António Guterres United Nations Secretary-General


How Poland’s Bełchatów Coal Plant Can Go Green | Documentary

Access to free and transparent data on the status of global coal power is essential to accelerating and tracking the countdown to a clean-energy future. In March 2021, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Bloomberg Global Coal Countdown in partnership with the Powering Past Coal Alliance. Powered by leading data and research organizations, the go-to online resource tracks the world’s remaining coal plant units as decision-makers across governments and the private sector work together to accelerate the transition to a clean-energy future. Access the interactive dashboard at

The Bloomberg Global Coal Countdown is tracking progress toward a coal-free future.

While Beyond Coal continues its work to reduce reliance on coal power in the United States, Bloomberg Philanthropies has expanded its international efforts, first beginning with Europe. The Europe Beyond Coal campaign has now retired more than 50% of all European coal plants since 2016, including six of the continent’s dirtiest plants.

The Europe Beyond Coal campaign has now retired more than 50% of all European coal plants since 2016, including six of the continent’s dirtiest plants.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has worked with the European Commission by supporting its efforts to ease economic and social transition away from the energy source in 42 regions. Globally, this work has also included the development of research in support of the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a coalition of governments and companies committed to phasing out coal.

The Europe Beyond Coal Campaign follows Bloomberg’s established approach to the problem of transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources by investing in and making the best possible use of relevant data, working with experts to formulate informed solutions, and implementing ideas on a large scale with the support of robust partnerships and Funding.

The success of Beyond Coal in Europe and the United States helped inspire the launch of campaigns in Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

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Top photo: Europe Beyond Coal groups marched after the launch in Bonn, Germany ahead of the COP23 international climate negotiations. Photo credit: Europe Beyond Coal and Felix von der Osten