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Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest threats to public health today. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nine out of ten people worldwide breathe dirty air, while the World Bank estimates that air pollution costs the global economy trillions of dollars. Too often, these outcomes fall hardest on the most vulnerable communities, including those who live in close proximity to coal plants and are exposed to higher levels of air pollution as a result. 

Bloomberg Philanthropies supports international efforts to improve air quality by engaging local partners and authorities to design and lead projects that accelerate the end of air pollution.


Brussels Teams Up with Bloomberg Philanthropies to Provide Cleaner Air to Residents

In regions around the world, Bloomberg Philanthropies engages local partners and local authorities to design and lead impactful projects that can accelerate action to end air pollution:

In Brussels, Bloomberg Philanthropies partners with the Brussels-Capital Region Government and Brussels Environment to use air pollution monitoring to provide real-time information that helps cut pollution levels. This initiative – a first for Brussels – combines the power of partnerships, citizen action, technology and data and supports the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

In the UK, the foundation is working with Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Greater London Authority to install low-cost air quality sensors at 18 schools to monitor air quality. With our partner FIA Foundation, we track the air quality impacts of restricting car traffic on streets surrounding schools, in line with the Mayor’s ambitious Streetspace plan to create cleaner air and enable parents and children to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school. The data gathered by this project is used as evidence to help make these changes permanent.

In Paris, Bloomberg Philanthropies partners with Mayor Anne Hidalgo to install 150 air quality sensors in schools to help us understand the amount and type of air pollution that are impacting those most vulnerable to it: children. The data collected by this project also supports the city’s existing monitoring network operated by project partner AirParif.

In India, the foundation partners with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, bringing together research and civil society organizations to improve air quality in support of India’s National Clean Air Program.

In Jakarta, the Clean Air Partnership, a joint effort between Bloomberg Philanthropies and Jakarta Capital City Government works to enhance the availability and use of air quality data. Together with Vital Strategies, we are analyzing policy solutions and their effectiveness, and promoting public awareness on the health impacts of air pollution.

In Warsaw, Breathe Warsaw was launched by a partnership of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the City of Warsaw, and the Clean Air Fund to improve air quality in Poland’s capital. The initiative supports policies that improve air quality and benefit the climate and health, and will strengthen air quality data to better understand sources of pollution in the city.

Top photo: Mike Bloomberg joins Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to unveil a partnership between Bloomberg Philanthropies and the city of Paris to improve air quality and better understand pollution patterns throughout the city.