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The Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit
in partnership with
Bloomberg Philanthropies

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY

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Launched by HRH Prince William, The Earthshot Prize is a catalytic global environment challenge to unleash urgent optimism & action by discovering, accelerating, awarding, spotlighting & scaling solutions to repair & regenerate the planet.

Marking Climate Week in New York, and with the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly as its backdrop, Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Earthshot Prize hosted this first of its kind forum showcasing the critical need to accelerate and scale groundbreaking solutions from around the world if we are to address the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Ahead of The Earthshot Prize 2022 awards ceremony to be hosted in the U.S. later in the year, the Innovation Summit convened inaugural Finalists and Winners of the Prize alongside special guests including The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance network, Heads of State, worldwide business leaders, philanthropists, non-governmental leaders and influencers.

This summit asked each of us to accelerate progress to repair our planet this decade, and to collaborate on commitments and engagements to drive an ambitious climate agenda.

Highlights from the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit

The Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit’s Mainstage Programming

The Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit Catalyzing Innovation Breakout: In Conversation with Bill Gates


All times are in EDT

9:00 AM

Event Open

9:15 AM

Protect and Restore Nature

By 2030, we chose to ensure that, for the first time in human history, the natural world is growing – not shrinking – on our planet. This session will highlight the innovative solutions working to achieve this mission, and uncover the support needed from corporations, foundations, investors and policy makers to unlock speed and scale.

9:35 AM

Clean Our Air

By 2030 we choose to ensure that everyone in the world breathes clean, healthy air – at world health organization standard or better. We’ll discuss how we can accelerate progress in the battle to clean our air.

9:45 AM

Fix Our Climate

By 2030, we choose to fix the world’s climate by cutting out carbon: building a carbon-neutral economy that lets every culture, community and country thrive. There is a growing wave of game changers, innovators, entrepreneurs and activists dedicating their talent to creating a carbon-free world, yet they remain largely unseen and fragmented. How do we support and encourage the next wave of talent?

10:05 AM

Build a Waste-Free World

By 2030, we choose to build a world where nothing goes to waste, where the leftovers of one process become the raw materials of the next – just like they do in nature. In this session, we’ll explore how working to achieve this Earthshot can also unlock new market opportunities, and the innovative solutions and partnerships possible when you view waste as an asset.

10:15 AM

Revive Our Oceans

By 2030, we choose to repair and preserve our oceans for future generations. How do we turbocharge the new blue economic engines to revive our oceans and create livelihoods for coastal communities? We’ll hear from the top global names working to create a blue economy.

  • Sam Waterston, Actor and Activist, Chairman of the Board, Oceana
  • Dr. Enric Sala, Pristine Seas Founder, National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Moderator: Alexandra Cousteau, Senior Advisor, Oceana

10:30 AM

Event Close

Breakout Sessions

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Session 1

Catalyzing Innovation
Smarter, nimbler climate solutions are being created faster than ever before. In this session, we’ll hear from the leading disruptors driving change and shaping the new carbon economy.

Welcome Remarks

Scaling The Earthshot Prize Solutions

  • Olugbega Olubenjo, Founder and CEO, Reeddi, Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Dr. Sebastian Groh, Founder and CEO, SOLshare, Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Gator Halpern, Co-Founder and President, Coral Vita, Winner, The Earthshot Prize
  • Moderator: Carol Massar, Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek, TV & Radio

In Conversation with Bill Gates

  • Bill Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Founder, Breakthrough Energy
  • Moderator: Christiana Figueres, Chair, The Earthshot Prize

Closing Remarks

  • Michael R. Bloomberg, Global Advisor to the Winners of The Earthshot Prize; Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies & Bloomberg L.P.

Session 2

Addressing Global Food and Water Insecurity
Record high inflation has triggered a global food and water crisis that will drive millions more into extreme poverty, intensifying hunger and malnutrition. The war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, and the continued economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic are reversing years of development gains globally. This roundtable conversation featuring food and water security experts, entrepreneurs, policy leaders and investors will examine how innovative ideas, models and partnerships can address the global food and water security crisis, creating a system for our future.

  • M. Sanjayan, Ph.D, Trustee, The Earthshot Prize
  • Adam Freed, Principal, Bloomberg Associates
  • Cindy McCain, U.S. Ambassador, United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture
  • David Auerbach, Co-Founder of Sanergy, Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Yosuke Maeda, President of WOTA Corp., Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Ryo Yamada, VP of Incubation, WOTA Corp., Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Dr. Marcus Gover, CEO, Wrap
  • Dr. Matt Reed, CEO, AGA Khan Development Network
  • Bill Ritter, Director, Center for the New Energy Economy, Colorado State University
  • Charlotte Weston, Chief Governance & Initiatives Office, Sustainable Markets Initiative
  • Justin Winters, Co-founder and Executive Director, One Earth
  • Marta Hodgkins-Sumner, The Global Food Banking Network
  • Wendy Abrams, Founder, Eleven Eleven Foundation
  • Lisa Dyson, CEO, Air Protein
  • Rodney Hunter, Deputy Chief of Mission, UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture

Session 3

Blended Capital for Speed and Scale
The urgency of the climate crisis requires money to mobilize like never before, blurring lines between public and private capital, and demanding that philanthropists find new ways to collaborate with their for-profit counterparts. This session, led by Bloomberg Chairman Peter Grauer and Brookfield Vice Chairman Mark Carney, will challenge investors, executives and entrepreneurs in open discussion to brainstorm real solutions.

  • Peter T. Grauer, Chairman, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Jason Kelly, Chief Correspondent, Bloomberg Quicktake
  • Vedika Bhandarkar, Chief Operating Officer,
  • Mark Carney, Co-Chair, GFANZ; Board Member, Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Audrey Choi, Senior Adviser, Morgan Stanley
  • Ron Conway, Founder, SV Angel
  • Emma Crystal, Chief Sustainability Officer, Credit Suisse
  • Nili Gilbert, Chair of the Advisory Panel, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero; Vice Chair, Carbon Direct
  • Gargee Ghosh, President, Global Policy & Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer, Temasek
  • ‘Tokunboh Ishmael, Council Member, The Earthshot Prize
  • Vidyut Mohan, Co-Founder & CEO, Takachar, Winner, The Earthshot Prize
  • Clara Rowe, CEO, Restor, Finalist, The Earthshot Prize
  • Gayle E. Smith, CEO, ONE Campaign
  • Dave Stangis, Chief Sustainability Officer, Apollo Global Management
  • Sam Teicher, Co-Founder and Chief Reef Officer, Coral Vita, Winner, The Earthshot Prize
  • Andrea Turner Moffitt, Co-Founder and General Partner, Plum Alley Investments

Session 4

Accelerating the Sustainable Blue Economy
A healthy ocean is the foundation of thriving coastal economies, supporting local and indigenous communities worldwide. This session will explore ways to support the blue economy through the advancement of innovative technology and data transparency solutions including mapping and sensor systems, science based-data applications, and high-tech farms.

The Earthshots

The Earthshot Prize is centered around five ‘Earthshots’ – simple but ambitious goals for our planet, which if achieved by 2030, will improve life for us all, for generations to come.

Designed to find and grow the solutions that will repair our planet this decade, each year, five solutions will be awarded £1million and the accolade of becoming one of only 50 winners of The Earthshot Prize.

Meet the 2021 Earthshot Prize Finalists and Winners

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