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Countdown to COP26

Days Until COP:

Actions Taken:

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UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 | In partnership with Italy

UPDATE: Mike Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions and founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, participated in COP26 in Glasgow, capping off a 60-day, Bloomberg-wide effort to turbocharge climate progress in support of the UN’s climate agenda.

Climate change is intensifying, and the race against time to protect our planet — and future generations — has never been more dire. In 2021, we saw increasingly deadly floods and wildfires, widespread drought, and powerful storms wreak havoc across the globe, all brought on by our changing climate. These events have devastated communities and economies worldwide, and it will only get worse if we fail to act. Only with collective action and leadership from governments, the private sector, and civil society will we stop and reverse the destructive impacts of the climate crisis, protect public health, and help drive economic recovery from COVID-19. 

Leading up to COP26 in November 2021, Mike Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions and founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, kicked off a Bloomberg-wide effort to turbocharge climate progress in support of the UN’s climate agenda through a climate action a day. Designed to build momentum and catalyze climate action worldwide, these actions include climate-focused investments, partnerships, capacity-building, and educational efforts across three key themes: accelerating the clean energy transition, elevating local climate action, and mobilizing climate finance.

Bloomberg Philanthropies kicked off this 60-day countdown by committing $10.5 million to strengthen climate capacity across the UN and promote climate ambition and solutions ahead of COP26.

Action 85:

Mike Bloomberg and Frans Timmermans call on national governments to support mayors – the best reason for hope in the battle against climate change

As Co-Chairs of the Global Covenant of Mayors, Mike Bloomberg and European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans, penned an op-ed showcasing how city mayors are both on the front lines and leading the charge in the global fight against climate change. Calling for more support for cities from national governments ahead of COP26, they recommitted Bloomberg Philanthropies and the European Commission’s support to help the over 11,000 cities, collectively home to more than one billion people, speak with one voice and make meaningful emissions reductions. Read the piece here.

Action 84:

Bloomberg LP-sponsored “Fill It Forward” program completes clean water project in Rwanda

Bloomberg LP employees across 40 offices have championed waste reduction by tracking their use of reusable bottles, with each refill supporting Bloomberg’s funding of a Piped System Tap Stands project that helps provide clean and safe water to people in the Gicumbi District of Rwanda. The Bloomberg-sponsored project was among the first that partners, Fill it Forward and charity: water, completed during the early onset of COVID-19. Clean water is now flowing for 620 people in this community. The Bloomberg project provides not only clean water to drink, but also sanitation and hygiene training in a crucial time when hand washing is more important than ever. Learn more about the project here.

Action 83:

The Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge showcased the power of city climate leadership

Launched in 2018, the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge has empowered 25 of the largest US cities to address climate change and create more sustainable communities. An impact report released today shows that due to both the Climate Challenge’s support and overall climate actions, these 25 cities are expected to collectively reduce emissions by 32% by 2025 – surpassing the Paris Agreement goals – and projected to reduce 74 million metric tons of carbon emissions through 2030. With support from the Climate Challenge, the winning cities also passed 54 major buildings, energy, and transportation policies, and launched 71 new climate programs and initiatives – leading to the adoption of over 800MW of renewable energy, development of 510 miles of new or improved bike lanes, and deployment of over 1,100 new EVs. In his comments on the report, Mike Bloomberg emphasized how the findings demonstrate the powerful impact that local, city-level climate action has in meeting global climate commitments. Read the press release here

Action 82:

Mike Bloomberg delivered keynote remarks at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s annual meeting

In his keynote remarks for the closing plenary of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s annual meeting, Mike Bloomberg underscored the importance of utilizing business to drive meaningful climate action, and thanked businesses around the world for their efforts in accelerating climate progress. The WBCSD Council Meeting brings together business leaders from WBCSD’s 200 member companies and Global Network partners to support business action that promotes sustainability. Read WBCSD’s tweet on Mike’s remarks here.

Action 81:

BloombergNEF released a new report on the leaders and laggards on the road to a circular economy

BNEF released a new report today ranking corporate progress toward their publicly-stated circular economy targets. The findings show that plastic producers are falling behind brands and need to ramp up their ambitions if they want to deliver the sustainable packaging their customers are demanding. In the midst of a plastic waste crisis, the results show that brands need to do more than set targets, and they can’t do it without strong action by plastics producers. 

Action 80:

Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs launched a new clean energy index tracking the performance of over 175 global equities

Developed jointly by Bloomberg’s index team and Goldman Sachs, the Bloomberg Goldman Sachs Global Clean Energy Index is a modified free float-adjusted market capitalization weighted index tracking the performance of over 175 global equities with significant business exposure to the clean energy sector. The Index will help mainstream investors play a larger role in financing the clean energy transition, which is especially critical as the climate crisis intensifies. Read more about the index here.

Action 79:

New BloombergNEF and the Climate Investment Funds released a study showing the vital role of private capital in emerging markets’ renewable energy growth

Emerging markets are critical to the global clean energy transition, and BloombergNEF expects such markets will account for almost 70% of global power demand by 2050. The new report, Multiplying the Transition: Market-based solutions for catalyzing clean energy investments in emerging markets, analyzed private capital flows within emerging market economies and revealed the significance of financial intermediation as a climate fundraising tool. It also presents five actionable country-specific clean energy finance roadmaps for key emitters, including Brazil, India, and Indonesia. Learn more here and read the full report here.

Action 78:

Bloomberg LP helped convene the Global Youth Summit on net-zero future (Climate x Summit) hosted by the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC)

Running from October 25 to November 5, the Climate x Summit will host more than 30 student-led events focused on tackling the climate crisis. Bloomberg is helping convene more than 500 students for the Summit and support mentors for one of the three tracks of the event – the Action Track, which is a mini-hackathon for climate change solutions organized by the Imperial College London. Additionally, Mike Bloomberg will join the awards ceremony at the end of the Summit. GAUC members include 15 leading universities from around the world. 

Action 77:

2021 Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity awarded to the Global Covenant Of Mayors

Mike Bloomberg, along with European Commission Executive Vice President for the European Green New Deal Frans Timmermans, accepted the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, as Co-Chairs of the Global Covenant of Mayors, the largest global alliance for city climate leadership. The Prize awarded annually, in the amount of 1 million euros, aims to recognize organizations whose contributions to mitigation and adaptation to climate change stand out for its novelty, innovation, and impact. The prize’s funding will go toward financing local climate action projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more here.

Action 76:

C40 celebrated the 130 U.S. cities in the Race to Zero

C40 Cities today announced that a bipartisan group of U.S. mayors representing more than 54 million Americans have joined the Cities Race to Zero campaign, which rallies urban leaders from around the world to deliver on their climate commitments and unlock inclusive sustainable growth. Learn more from C40 Cities here.

Action 75:

BloombergNEF released a report scoring 53 major companies in the metal and mining industry on their efforts to adapt to a greener world

BloombergNEF released a report rating the decarbonization efforts of companies in the metals and mining industry, which is responsible for about a quarter of the reported emissions of the world’s 12,000 largest companies. The report scored 53 metals and mining companies, analyzing each company’s current emissions profile and their preparedness for decarbonization. Notably, the report found that the companies with the best scores are Europe-based, which can be attributed to strong climate policies in the continent. Read more about the report here.

Action 74:

Mike Bloomberg supported the launch of the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance’s inaugural Progress Report

Supported by Mike Bloomberg in his role as UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions, the UN-Convened Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance published its inaugural, biennial Progress Report, which revealed that 29 of its member investors have committed to reducing their portfolio emissions by 25-30% by 2025. To mark the launch, Mike kicked off a Bloomberg-hosted roundtable with Selwin Hart, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Climate Action, Oliver Baete, CEO of Allianz, Hiro Mizuno, UN Special Envoy on Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investments, Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel, and Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesian Finance Minister – to discuss the imperatives, challenges, opportunities, and feasibility of setting ambitious, science-based interim targets by 2025. In his remarks on the report, Mike emphasized the importance of public-private collaboration in accelerating a global path to net zero emissions. Read the press release here

Action 73:

C40 Cities appointed London Mayor Sadiq Khan as next global chair

Led by Mike Bloomberg as President of the C40 Board of Directors, C40 Cities announced the appointment of London Mayor Sadiq Khan as its global chair-elect, succeeding Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Mike congratulated Mayor Khan on his appointment and history of global climate leadership, and thanked Mayor Garcetti for his work as chair in championing a green recovery and the Race to Zero. The handover ceremony will take place at COP26 on 2 November in Glasgow. Read Mike’s tweet here.

Action 72:

Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with the International Solar Alliance to mobilize $1 trillion in solar financing

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) announced a partnership to mobilize $1 trillion in global investments for solar energy across ISA’s member countries. The two organizations will work with the World Resources Institute to develop a Solar Investment Action Agenda and a Solar Investment Roadmap, which will be launched at COP26 and in 2022, respectively. To support the new partnership, BloombergNEF (BNEF) released the Scaling Up Solar in ISA Member Countries report, which will serve as the analytical backing for both the Action Agenda and Solar Investment Roadmap. In his comments on the partnership, Mike Bloomberg highlighted the importance of urgent, collaborative action across both public and private sectors to curb emissions and provide job opportunities and economic growth. Read more about the partnership here

Action 71:

Bloomberg LP supported the creation of Wee Forests in Glasgow as a living green legacy for COP26

With support from Bloomberg LP and others, local Glasgow environmental groups announced the planting of eight Wee Forests across the city. The forests will provide pockets of nature-rich green space across the city and will serve as a living legacy for COP26, providing the local community with accessible green spaces and opportunities to connect with nature in the city.

Action 70:

Bloomberg LP announced that Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings are now accessible on the Bloomberg Terminal

In recognition of the increasing need for investors to access high-quality, in-depth ESG information, Bloomberg LP has made Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings available for Bloomberg Terminal users. In line with Mike Bloomberg’s philosophy that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” the new access to data will help investors better understand – and manage – ESG risks. Read the press release here.

Action 69:

Mike Bloomberg congratulated the Under2 Coalition for its commitment to become net-zero by 2050

Today, the subnational climate leadership group Under2 Coalition announced its commitment to become a net-zero coalition by the year 2050. Co-chaired by a group of global local governments, the Under2 Coalition represents an international partnership among subnational leaders with one mission in common – cutting down on emissions. Mike Bloomberg lauded the coalition for its move, noting that states and regions are fueling climate progress around the world. The coalition hopes to see similar commitments made by national governments attending COP26 in two weeks. See Mike’s tweet here.

Action 68:

Mike Bloomberg delivered a keynote address at the first-ever TD Securities Global ESG Conference

At the opening keynote of the inaugural Global ESG Conference today, Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks about his work as the UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions, touching on his three areas of focus: accelerating the global clean energy transition, empowering subnational climate leadership, and unlocking sustainable finance. The Global ESG Conference brings together ESG innovators, market experts and business leaders to address sustainability challenges and accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Action 67:

BloombergNEF kicked off the first day of its London summit

BloombergNEF began its two-day innovation summit convening business leaders in energy, technology and finance for conversations around accelerating a low-carbon economy. The summit featured remarks from notable global leaders including Alok Sharma, President of COP26, Anne Finucane, Vice Chair of Bank of America , and Lord John Brown, Chairman of BeyondNetZero. Check out the program for this year’s summit here.

Action 66:

BloombergNEF and Bloomberg Philanthropies released the NetZero Pathfinders platform as a resource for policymakers ahead of COP26

On Day 1 of the BNEF Summit London, BloombergNEF launched the NetZero Pathfinders platform, which identifies 50 solutions to address challenges to achieving net zero for the largest CO2-emitting sectors in business, including energy, transportation and agriculture. The platform is also accompanied by a status report detailing specific challenges that global policymakers are confronting on their path to decarbonization. In his remarks on the launch, Mike Bloomberg underscored the urgency for leaders to achieve net-zero goals, and presented the platform as a resource for leaders to see proven climate solutions that public and private leaders can adapt and implement. See the platform and report here. See Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tweet here.

Action 65:

Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with the Earthshot Prize to announce the five prize winners

The Earthshot Prize Council revealed its inaugural list of winners of The Earthshot Prize, a first-ever award of £1M for innovators tackling climate change challenges. Mike Bloomberg will serve as Global Advisor to the five winners, who were awarded for their innovative solutions to improve forest restoration, promote clean air, protect the ocean, advance waste management and address climate change. See Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tweet here.

Action 64:

Bloomberg Philanthropies and America is All In presented breakthrough solutions to reduce emissions and mobilize climate finance at the 2021 Climate Leadership Series

On the final day of the 2021 Climate Leadership Series, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and America is All In, Ailun Yang, who leads international initiatives on the environment team, joined business and government leaders to discuss the importance of deploying financial capital towards breakthrough clean energy technologies. She noted the importance of COP26 to move beyond ambition and toward the implementation of climate solutions. Earlier in the day, America Is All In presented its analysis from the Blueprint 2030 Report, outlining the need for a whole-of-society approach to implementing rapid, ambitious climate action to halve emissions by 2030. Remarks from America Is All In Co-Chair Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington, followed the panel. Learn more about this year’s series here.

Action 63:

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released a new status report finding that disclosure increased significantly between 2019 and 2020

The TCFD released its fourth annual status report today, finding significant progress on support for and adoption of the TCFD recommendations. Since last year, over 1,000 new organizations began supporting TCFD recommendations, bringing the total to over 2,600 globally. Mike Bloomberg noted “the Task Force has had an exceptional year in rallying global support for climate risk reporting – but we still have a long way to go. As governments and businesses around the world work to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, they should continue to draw on the TCFD recommendations as a critical tool in their efforts.” Building upon that, Mary Schapiro, the Head of the TCFD Secretariat, noted “there is clear and growing consensus among investors and regulators on the importance of climate-related disclosure and the need for standardized, transparent data to support capital allocation decisions.” The TCFD also released new guidance for companies to disclose their plans for a net zero transition in line with the Paris Agreement. Read the press release here and the TCFD report here. Additionally, see Mike’s tweet here.

Action 62:

Mike Bloomberg commended the tremendous progress on climate disclosure shown in new CDP data

Today, global environmental non-profit and Bloomberg Philanthropies partner CDP released new analysis showing that in 2021, over 1100 cities, states and regions disclosed data on climate change, water security and deforestation issues, an increase of 20% from 2020. More than 14,000 companies also reported such data, representing a 35% growth rate and the highest ever number of new disclosers seen by CDP since its founding more than 20 years ago. Ahead of COP26, Mike Bloomberg called for nations to build on this progress with more robust transparency and reporting standards. See the press release with Mike’s statement here.   

Action 61:

Mike Bloomberg called for a global recovery anchored in climate action at the Japan Climate Action Summit

During his keynote remarks at the Japan Climate Action Summit, Mike Bloomberg pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic recovery as a critical opportunity to accelerate the world’s progress toward a 100% clean energy economy. He also highlighted the latest report from America is All In, which found that the United States is moving to clean energy faster than ever. Watch Mike’s remarks here.

Action 60:

Bloomberg Philanthropies urged an all-in approach to climate action at the Climate Leadership Conference

In her remarks at the Climate Leadership Conference, Antha Williams emphasized the urgent need for an all-in approach to address climate change and build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and America Is All In, the event brings together climate and sustainability professionals from around the globe and recognizes companies, organizations and individuals who have demonstrated exemplary climate leadership. Read more about the conference here.

Action 59:

Mike Bloomberg was honored for his climate leadership at Ireland Climate Finance Week

In recognition of his leadership in the field of climate finance, the Ireland Climate Finance Week presented Mike Bloomberg with its annual Climate Leadership Award. Mary Schapiro, chair of the TCFD, also delivered remarks on the importance of standardized reporting metrics at the event. Read more about Mike’s award here.

Action 58:

Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Carbon Mapper Accelerator program

In partnership with Carbon Mapper, Planet, the State of California, and other partners, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Carbon Mapper Accelerator program to advance the deployment of satellites and key monitoring technologies that will measure methane emissions, one of the most dangerously potent greenhouse gases. In his remarks on the program launch, Mike Bloomberg stressed the importance of utilizing accurate data on methane to accelerate emissions reductions: “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Read the press release here.

Action 57:

Bloomberg Philanthropies launched a new community program to tackle air pollution in London

Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to launch a new Breathe London community program that will empower local communities to take action on local air quality. The program aims to reach communities that are disproportionately exposed to poor air quality, including low-income and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Londoners, and builds on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ ongoing support of the Breathe London Network, which provides Londoners access to access reliable, localized, real-time air quality data through the installation of air quality monitors. Read the press release here.

Action 56:

Mike Bloomberg calls for global action against air pollution in op-ed with Mayor Sadiq Khan

In an op-ed published in the Evening Standard, Mike Bloomberg and London Mayor Sadiq Khan highlighted research showing that low-income people and people of color face higher exposure to air pollution than their counterparts. Read the op-ed here.

Action 55:

Bloomberg Philanthropies, alongside 20+ other foundations, pledged $223 million to tackle methane emissions

Bloomberg Philanthropies and 20+ other leading philanthropic organizations announced a first-of-its-kind alliance aimed at significantly reducing methane emissions– one of the most potent greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Mike Bloomberg delivered closing remarks at a Ministerial Meeting alongside U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans, and representatives from the two dozen countries that joined the Global Methane Pledge today. Read more about the announcement here or see Mike’s tweet.

Action 54:

Mike Bloomberg challenged governments around the world to answer the call for climate action at the Innovate4Cities Conference

Today, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) and UN-Habitat co-hosted their Innovate4Cities conference, bringing together over 1,000 city leaders, scientists, youth, and business people to advance pragmatic and innovative climate action. As co-chair of GCoM and UN Special Envoy, Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks about the leadership role that cities have played in advancing climate solutions–and called for governments around the world to step up and join them at COP26. Watch Mike’s speech here.

Action 53:

Bloomberg Philanthropies, alongside Colombian President Duque, advocated for international cooperation to protect the Amazon

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez along with delegates from Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Suriname, today held the Third Summit of the Leticia Pact, where they reported on progress under the international agreement to address forest fires in the Amazon. Antha Williams, who leads the Environment program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, gave remarks on behalf of Mike Bloomberg as UN Special Envoy, underscoring the need for an all-in approach to protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon and highlighting Bloomberg’s support for the 30×30 target worldwide. Learn more about the progress made at the Summit here.

Action 52:

BloombergNEF released a new report showing demand for electric vehicle components continues to rise

BloombergNEF published its second annual “Global Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Ranking,” which compared the status of EV production chains across the globe. While China dominated the ranking, the report found that clearer policy support and rising battery demand raised the U.S. to second in both the 2021 ranking and BNEF’s projections for 2026. The report notes that the U.S. has the second largest EV market globally, after China, showing that the U.S. is well-positioned to become a leader in the electric vehicle space, as the world turns to electrifying transportation to reduce emissions. Read the full press release here.

Action 51:

Mike Bloomberg delivered keynote remarks at the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum

At the keynote address for the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF), hosted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mike Bloomberg joined ICEF Chair Nobuo Tanaka to discuss the urgency of embracing innovative technology to create bold climate solutions. BloombergNEF serves as an institutional partner to the ICEF, which is an annual conference that gathers climate leaders in Tokyo to discuss the latest innovations in energy and environmental technologies. Other keynote speakers included Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. 

Action 50:

Mike Bloomberg discussed the critical role of climate finance at the EU Sustainable Investment Summit

In conversation with Bloomberg News anchor Francine Lacqua at the EU Sustainable Investment Summit, Mike Bloomberg discussed Bloomberg’s work with the CFLI and TCFD. The EU Sustainable Investment Summit is the first annual event of the European Commission on sustainable investment, and follows the launch of the European Green Deal, which aims for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. See more details about the event here.

Action 49:

Mike Bloomberg met with Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati to discuss the importance of fighting the climate crisis

Mike Bloomberg met with Minister Indrawati in New York City to discuss the importance of accelerating climate ambition ahead of COP26. They spoke about Indonesia’s immense potential for solar energy, which was recently outlined in a BNEF report, as well as continued partnership between Bloomberg Philanthropies and Indonesia to accelerate the clean energy transition and protect public health. See Mike’s tweet here.

Action 48:

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative helped launch MERMAID – a first-of-its-kind coral reef data platform

With the launch of MERMAID – which stands for Marine Ecological Research Management Aid – marine scientists, for the first time, can gather, analyze, and global coral reef data on an open-source platform. Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative, the Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund, and Sparkgeo, MERMAID cuts down the time it takes to deliver critical coral reef information by a matter of not just months, but years. Check out the MERMAID site here, and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tweet here.

Action 47:

The Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge helped Boston reduce emissions and protect against the impacts of climate change

Boston Mayor Kim Janey signed a Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO), which will significantly reduce GHG emissions and encourage efficient energy and water use. Supported by the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge, the design and passage of the new ordinance had an unprecedented level of community engagement. Boston is one of the 25 winning cities in the Climate Challenge, through which Bloomberg is empowering local climate leadership and supporting innovative climate policies that help lower emissions in line with U.S. Paris Agreement goals. Read about the new ordinance here.

Action 46:

Mary Schapiro, Head of the TCFD Secretariat, commended notable climate disclosure progress at Japan’s annual TCFD Summit

Alongside Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, and Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Bloomberg’s Vice Chair for Global Public Policy Mary Schapiro opened Japan’s annual TCFD Summit hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). She highlighted continued progress toward widespread adoption of the TCFD recommendations and emphasized the need for greater transparency around climate-related financial risks. Learn more about the event here.

Action 45:

Global asset managers, investment firms, and sovereign wealth funds managing over $36 trillion in assets announced further support for the TCFD as a universal standard

Following a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron and Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, members of the One Planet Private Equity Funds group joined the One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds and Asset Managers and announced their support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which Mike Bloomberg chairs. The communique notes that their adoption of this framework will help to improve the quality of climate-related financial information and reduce investment risks for stakeholders across the financial system. See a quote from Mary Schapiro, Head of the TCFD Secretariat, here.

Action 44:

Mike Bloomberg invited mayors to join the cities race to zero ahead of COP26

Mike Bloomberg joined Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, C40 Cities Chair and Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, and Climate Mayors’ Chair and Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner to encourage mayors across the United States to join the Race to Zero, a global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, and investors committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions ahead of COP26. The letter recognized mayors’ climate leadership toward U.S. climate progress and the critical role cities play in accelerating global climate commitments. Read Mike’s letter here.

Action 43:

Mayors from the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative experienced Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest

This week, 38 mayors and senior leaders from this year’s Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative class visited the Ghost Forest in Madison Square Park in New York City to experience the public art installation symbolizing the harsh devastation of climate change. The city leaders discussed the impacts of climate change and biodiversity with the project’s creator, American artist, environmental activist, and Bloomberg Philanthropies Board Member Maya Lin. The immersive art installation, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, consists of replanted spectral cedar trees, creating a visually striking micro-landscape that decries the impact of climate change on woodlands around the world. Learn more about the Ghost Forest here.

Action 42:

BloombergNEF and C40 Cities released research showing that cities are poised to lead a green COVID-19 recovery

A new report from BloombergNEF and C40, which is comprised of 97 cities around the world representing one quarter of the global economy, highlights how cities have led the way in eight key pathways to decarbonization, including transportation, buildings and energy consumption. The report identifies how $267 billion in stimulus funds among the G7 alone could immediately be used to help cities accelerate the green recovery, but collaboration between municipal and national governments is crucial for success. As President of the Board for C40 Cities, Mike Bloomberg underscored the importance of national governments partnering with cities to fund and empower their ambitious climate efforts. See Mike’s tweet here.

Action 41:

C40 Cities released report revealing more coal could cost cities $877 billion in the next decade

A new report released today by C40, which is comprised of 97 cities around the world representing one quarter of the global economy, found that existing coal policies and proposed expansions could result in 264,900 premature deaths by 2030 and cost cities $877 billion over the next 10 years. Mike Bloomberg, who serves as President of the Board for C40 Cities, emphasized the need to end global coal reliance given the clear public health and environmental threats it poses. See Mike’s tweet here.

Action 40:

Mike Bloomberg teamed up with Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge to support The Earthshot Prize winners as Global Advisor

Mike Bloomberg was named the Global Advisor to the Winners of The Earthshot Prize, a global prize for the environment that will incentivize change and help drive climate solutions over the next ten years. In his role, Mike will draw on his global network of government, business and philanthropic leaders and harness the resources and expertise within his company and philanthropy to help scale and replicate the Prize Winners’ solutions. To mark the announcement, Mike and the Duke published a joint op-ed in USA Today emphasizing the urgency for innovative, entrepreneurial climate solutions. The collaboration drew positive praise from global climate leaders including UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres. Read the op-ed here

Action 39:

3,000 Citizen scientists installed air quality sensors across Brussels as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Brussels Clean Air Partnership

Bloomberg Philanthropies furthered its commitment to clean air in Brussels, seat of the European Commission, by supporting 3,000 households, schools, businesses, and associations, to install air quality monitoring devices throughout the city. Learn more about the effort to reduce air pollution here.

Action 38:

BloombergNEf revealed that two thirds of the world’s heaviest emitters have committed to achieve net zero

New analysis from BloombergNEF released today shows that through August, 111 out of the Climate Action100+’s 167 “focus companies” — which account for over 80% of global GHG emissions — have set a net-zero or equivalent target. By 2030, these net zero targets set by these 111 companies are estimated to help reduce emissions by 3.7 billion metric tons annually. This increases to 9.8 billion metric tons of emissions reduced by 2050. Read the press release here.

Action 37:

Mike Bloomberg supported the launch of an unprecedented initiative to end new coal power

In his capacity as UN Special Envoy, Mike Bloomberg helped launch the ‘No New Coal Power Compact’, which convenes for the first time a diverse group of developed and developing countries to end global reliance on coal power. The new Compact encourages all countries to end construction of new coal-fired power plants by COP26 to keep the 1.5-degree Celsius goal within reach and avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change. Mike emphasized the need to end coal reliance for the sake of our planet and public health, highlighting progress to date by global Beyond Coal campaigns. See Mike’s tweet here.

Action 36:

Bloomberg Philanthropies supported the Hollywood Climate Summit

With support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, social impact agency YEA! Impact kicked off this year’s Hollywood Climate Summit. The annual gathering, running from September 23rd to 26th, will convene the entertainment community to address the climate crisis and focus on building a diverse coalition of climate champions through virtual job fairs, small workshops, and networking opportunities to inspire action. Learn more about this year’s Summit here.

Action 35:

Mike Bloomberg celebrated one year of the City Climate Finance Gap Fund

As Co-Chair of the Global Covenant of Mayors, Mike Bloomberg supports the City Climate Finance Gap Fund’s efforts to empower cities to act on their climate ambitions by unlocking critical climate finance. On the Fund’s one-year anniversary, the Global Covenant of Mayors, European Investment Bank, and World Bank announced it has approved technical assistance for 33 cities around the world, filling a critical gap and helping cities turn their climate ambitions into finance-ready projects. Mike praised the Gap Fund’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of investing in cities as they build back from the pandemic with climate-centered policies that create jobs and healthier communities. Learn more about the Gap Fund’s investments here

Action 34:

Bloomberg Associates and Bloomberg Philanthropies helped the Mayor of London launch a city-wide climate action campaign

Unveiling a city-wide campaign, the Mayor of London urged all Londoners to take actions that help tackle the climate emergency before it is too late. The mayor made the announcement at a local primary school where Bloomberg Philanthropies supported a street art installation designed by renowned 3D pavement artist Julian Beever which depicts London at a crossroads, warning of the future London may face if action is not taken. Bloomberg Associates also partnered with London City Hall to provide Climate Vulnerability Mapping data that identified London boroughs most at risk from flooding and overheating over the next decade. Learn more here.  

Action 33:

Mike Bloomberg met with Colombian President Iván Duque to discuss climate finance and the clean energy transition

As UN Special Envoy, Mike Bloomberg met with Colombian President Iván Duque in New York City today to push for ambitious climate action in the region. They discussed climate change, biodiversity and the need to mobilize finance more effectively to achieve environmental goals. Mike commended Colombia’s ambition to be the regional leader in the energy transition, and agreed to explore opportunities with President Duque to convene regional leaders and the private sector to accelerate the energy transition. Read out here.

Action 32:

Bloomberg Philanthropies joined forces with eight key funders to protect 30% of the planet by 2030

Bloomberg Philanthropies collaborated with eight other key philanthropic organizations, including Arcadia and the Bezos Earth Fund, to pledge a combined $5 billion over the next 10 years to support 30×30: a goal of protecting and conserving 30% of the planet by 2030. Highlighting the catalytic role of climate philanthropy, the Protecting Our Planet Challenge will provide the resources for Indigenous Peoples and local governments to lead ambitious new projects in their communities that will advance 30×30. The announcement featured remarks from Antha Williams, Head of Climate and Environment Programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies, who emphasized the need for leadership and funding to protect the world’s ecosystems. Read the press release here

Action 31:

Bloomberg LP became a founding member of the newly launched Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance

Bloomberg LP committed to align its products and services to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as a founding member of the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance. A sub-sector alliance to the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), this new group brings together the world’s largest ratings agencies, stock exchanges, data providers and more to fill the gap for net zero in the financial sector and help put climate at the heart of every professional financial decision. Through the alliance, Bloomberg LP will continue to decarbonize its own operations and empower its clients to do the same with world-class products and services in the climate and ESG space. Read the press release here.

Action 30:

Mike Bloomberg welcomed the 15 Mayors who joined C40 Cities’ Renewable Energy Declaration

At Climate Week NYC, 15 climate-leading mayors from cities around the world — from Copenhagen, to Vancouver, Tokyo and Buenos Aires — signed on to C40’s Renewable Energy Declaration, committing to prioritize clean energy systems and renewable electricity for their communities. As C40 Cities’ Board President, Mike emphasized cities’ strong leadership in reducing emissions while also creating clean jobs and healthier communities. Learn more about the Declaration here.

Action 29:

Mike Bloomberg met with Palauan President Surangel Whipps, Jr. to discuss the urgent need to fund climate adaptation and protect the ocean

As UN Special Envoy, Mike Bloomberg met with Palauan President Surangel Whipps, Jr. at Bloomberg L.P. Both Mike and the President emphasized the importance of international climate adaptation funding for vulnerable small island developing states ahead of climate negotiations later this year. Mike also commended Palau’s commitment to ocean protection as evidenced by its designation of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary, covering 80 percent of national waters. Readout from Mike’s meeting here.

Action 28:

Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Climate Innovation Fund in partnership with Goldman Sachs and the Asian Development Bank

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new $25 million Climate Innovation Fund to accelerate South and Southeast Asia’s clean energy transition. By turbocharging the catalytic effect of philanthropic grants with private investments, the fund has the potential to unlock up to $500 million in private sector and government investments. The fund is differentiated by the unique expertise brought on by a collaborative partnership: Goldman brings its longstanding financial expertise, Bloomberg brings experience in accelerating the energy transition through work with Beyond Coal and other programs, and the Asian Development Bank brings its local know-how and on-the-ground networks in the region. Read Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tweet here.

Action 27:

Mike Bloomberg co-launched America Is All In’s blueprint to halve U.S. emissions by 2030

America Is All In — the most expansive coalition of U.S. non-federal leaders ever assembled in support of climate action — released “Blueprint 2030: An All-In Climate Strategy for Faster, More Durable Emissions Reductions, a comprehensive set of policies and actions that can deliver on the United States’ 2030 national climate commitment. The report outlines breakthrough policies in five key sectors that will accelerate the clean energy transition and provide economic and social benefits at the same time. The report was launched at a Climate Week NYC event, attended by 200+ climate leaders, and featured remarks from America Is All In’s co-chairs, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Tesla’s Francesca Wahl, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, among academics, higher education leaders, and private sector representatives. Learn more about the report in Fast Company

Action 26:

Mike Bloomberg urged governments to act quickly and boldly to beat climate change – and underscored the promise of solar power in Indonesia

At the Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue, hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ partner the Institute for Essential Services Reform, Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks highlighting the need to act quickly and boldly on climate change and the benefits that Indonesia could reap from doing so. Speaking alongside international political, academic, and industry leaders, including UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa and Indonesian Minister of National Development Planning H.E. Suharso Monoarfa, Mike underscored Indonesia’s potential to become a world leader in solar power – as outlined in BloombergNEF’s recent report: Scaling Up Solar in Indonesia

Action 25:

Mike Bloomberg commended breakthrough climate commitments from subnational leaders around the world

At the U.N. High-Level Climate Action Champions’ Opening Session for Climate Week NYC, Mike Bloomberg, in his role as Global Ambassador for the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience Campaigns, celebrated global businesses for their climate ambitions and urged more companies to join the Races ahead of COP26. To date, more than half the sectors that make up the global economy have committed to halve their emissions by 2030 – in line with getting to net zero by 2050. Read the announcement here.

Action 24:

Mike Bloomberg and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo expanded partnership to improve Paris’ air quality

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the City of Paris announced the new phase of a long-standing partnership to improve air quality for Parisians with the launch of a new measurement and awareness campaign. Launched by Mike Bloomberg and Mayor Anne Hidalgo during a visit to Paris’ “Climate Academy,” the new initiative will support the city’s efforts to fight air pollution by installing sensors to measure ultrafine particles, providing public education on the dangers of air pollution, and engaging citizens to mobilize action for cleaner air. The results of the partnership will ultimately inform city-wide clean air policies. Learn more about the partnership here.

Action 23:

Mike Bloomberg called on the financial sector to step up in the race to zero

Mike Bloomberg gave opening remarks at “COP26 and the Mobilization of the Finance Sector,” a virtual event to highlight how financial institutions are working together to set and achieve net-zero targets through the UN Race to Zero campaign and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). The event featured discussions with French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, COP26 Climate Finance Advisor Mark Carney, and leading French CEOs on the European Commission and French national government’s roles accelerating the transition to net-zero. See more here.

Action 22:

Mike Bloomberg and AXA CEO Thomas Buberl urged companies to mobilize green investment, faster

In French daily publication Les Echos, Mike Bloomberg and AXA CEO Thomas Buberl penned an op-ed calling on investors and companies to act in the face of climate change, commit to net-zero targets, and support initiatives to improve ESG data. They emphasized how the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), initiatives like the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI), and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero (GFANZ) are helping the private sector build momentum going into COP26. Read the op-ed here.

Action 21:

Mike Bloomberg convened French business leaders to accelerate path to net zero

Mike Bloomberg met with top French business leaders to discuss and push for momentum among the financial sector transitioning to a net-zero economy. Joined by COP26 High-Level Climate Champion Nigel Topping, the meeting celebrated companies already committed to the Race to Zero campaign and underscored the need for more companies in France and around the world to join efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible. Read Mike’s tweet here.

Action 20:

Mike Bloomberg joined global leaders at the UN General Assembly’s Energy Action Day

Mike Bloomberg delivered the closing remarks at the UN General Assembly’s Energy Action Day, hosted alongside the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy by Denmark, IRENA, UNEP and the World Economic Forum. He underscored Bloomberg Philanthropies’ work to accelerate the global clean energy transition through Beyond Coal campaigns around the globe and praised Costa Rica and Denmark for initiating the new Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, which launched at today’s event. During a session on the role of cities in delivering a net-zero energy system, the Global Covenant of Mayors was highlighted for their role in supporting local governments to achieve a net-zero future and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ 60-day countdown to COP26 was highlighted.

Action 19:

Bloomberg Philanthropies supported the creation of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

In partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Ministers from Costa Rica and Denmark announced the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA), a coalition of governments committed to phasing out the use of oil and gas. Slated to formally launch in November at COP26, this government-led alliance builds on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ long-standing commitment to help move the world to a clean energy future, which includes our partnership with the Powering Past Coal Alliance and their success to date in helping move the world beyond coal. Learn more here.  

Action 18:

Bloomberg Philanthropies & London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced asphalt art series in advance of COP26

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan joined award-winning artist Yinka Ilori to unveil the first in a series of street art commissions in the City of London and Borough of Camden that will transform 17 pedestrian crossings and a plaza with colorful artwork. The ‘Bring London Together’ project is designed to draw Londoners and visitors to central London as part of the Mayor’s Let’s Do London tourism campaign, and is launched alongside the London Design Festival. The project involves a collaboration with art students from the University of the Arts London and offers the chance for the local community to participate in the painting and the transformation of their streets. As the UK prepares to host the United Nations meeting on Climate Action, COP26, this project is one of several in international cities supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative to encourage more sustainable transportation and transform and revitalize public spaces through the power of art. View photos of the installation here.

Action 17:

Bloomberg Philanthropies expanded partnership to turbocharge Indonesia’s clean energy transition

Bloomberg Philanthropies and PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (PT SMI), an Indonesian state-owned enterprise financing national projects under the Ministry of Finance, announced a joint commitment to accelerate Indonesia’s clean energy transition at an event with Michael Bloomberg and Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Expanding on a partnership launched in 2019, this new phase will focus on advancing climate finance policies and sustainable development by strengthening technical capacity and resources to support a robust pipeline of regional projects. Under the new MoU, Bloomberg Philanthropies will also work with PT SMI to promote blue finance and marine conservation—two areas of critical importance to the Indonesian economy. 

Action 16:

BloombergNEF publishes framework for policymakers to help unlock potential of massive global rooftop solar market:

BloombergNEF published a new report entitled “Realizing the Potential of Customer-Sited Solar” in partnership with Schneider Electric. Recognizing that the power sector is most responsible for carbon emissions, the report shows how customer-sited solar potential is still largely untapped, and that careful policy design can unlock this potential in the global transition to clean and renewable energy. Using market case studies from California, New Jersey, Spain, France and Australia, the report aims to bring some clarity on challenges such as how to stimulate investment in small-scale resources – while not overloading the grid, as well as how to incentivize energy storage and flexibility. The full report is publicly available here.

Action 15:

Bloomberg LP’s European HQ recognized for outstanding sustainable building management

Bloomberg LP’s European headquarters in London achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating– the highest-possible BREEAM environmental certification — for its remarkable sustainable building management, operations, design, and construction. Among the building’s recognized practices include the installation of more than 500 energy sub-meters to pinpoint where energy is consumed to target consumption savings; and the sub-metering of water to identify and address areas of high water use throughout the building. This is just another example of how Bloomberg LP is on track to be net-zero by 2025.

Action 14:

BloombergNEF revealed which G-20 nations are leading on decarbonizing industrial heat…and which are not

BloombergNEF released a new report, Hot Spots for Renewable Industrial Heat Across the G-20. Written in partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the report identifies and ranks the leading markets within the G-20 for low-carbon heat deployment — an essential part of decarbonizing the industrial sector. It finds that China, France, Italy, Germany, South Korea & the U.K. are currently the best G-20 nations in which to pursue renewable heat, but that more needs to be done overall to improve the policy and economic environment for renewable heat around the world. Following the release of the G-20 Climate Policy Factbook earlier in the year, this latest report continues Mike Bloomberg’s effort to deliver transparent research and data on decarbonization pathways ahead of the international policy negotiations at COP26.

Action 13:

Mike Bloomberg discussed India’s clean energy future and his hopes for COP26

In an interview with Mint, Mike Bloomberg outlined CFLI India’s new plan to mobilize climate finance through public-private sector collaboration and accelerate the country’s clean energy transition to meet its Paris Agreement goals. Mike also noted his key areas of focus for COP26, which include driving continued support for local and subnational climate leadership and advocating for the adoption of TCFD’s recommended standards.

Action 12:

Bloomberg Philanthropies unveiled asphalt art collaboration with COP26 Host City Glasgow

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Glasgow City Council unveiled a vibrant public artwork installation at the entrance of Anderston Station. Designed to improve pedestrian and bike traffic, revitalize the public space, and provide dynamic art for residents and visitors to enjoy, the installation was inspired by the environmental challenges the city faces with excessive rain and water runoff. The mural is accompanied by benches and an experimental rain garden on the site. Over the coming weeks, residents of Glasgow will witness their city become one of the most talked about in the world as it hosts November’s historic climate negotiations. With this partnership, Glasgow joins a select group of international cities supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies to transform and revitalize public spaces through the power of art. View pictures of the installation here.

Action 11:

BloombergNEF & Bloomberg Philanthropies revealed the untapped potential for solar power in Indonesia

Bloomberg Philanthropies and BloombergNEF, together with the Institute for Essential Services Reform, released a new report, which revealed that with the right policies and investments in place, Indonesia is positioned to be a world leader in solar power. Endorsed by the Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Scaling Up Solar in Indonesia: Reform and Opportunity is the latest in a series of reports from Bloomberg to provide freely available, transparent climate and energy data to governments, businesses, and financial decision makers. Recent reports from Bloomberg Philanthropies and BloombergNEF include the Climate Policy Factbook, which analyzes the G-20 nations’ climate progress across three key policy areas, and the Energy Transition Factbook launched for the 12th Clean Energy Ministerial.

Action 10:

Bloomberg LP hosted inspiring dialogue about tackling climate change with Asia’s leading philanthropists

During the RADAR: Tracking Tomorrow dialogue series, Bloomberg LP presented conversations with Asian game-changers and international thought leaders on how collaboration, combining for-profit investment strategy with philanthropic intent, and risk capital can help solve some of our biggest environmental challenges, including climate change and food insecurity. Laurence Lien, Chairman of the Lien Foundation & Co-Founder/Chairman of Asia Philanthropy Circle, affirmed how an existential crisis such as climate change couldn’t possibly be tackled without broad collaboration, and this was echoed by Ronna Chao, Chairperson of Novetex Textiles & CEO of Novel Investment Partners, who believes in equipping the younger generation with knowledge and resources so they can be better armed to address such pressing issues. Ray Dalio discussed efforts by OceanX – a Bloomberg Philanthropies Vibrant Oceans Initiative partner – to support ocean conservation and exploration as a key component in the fight against climate change.

Action 9:

Mike Bloomberg helped launch the Clean Air Fund’s new report

On the second annual UN International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, Mike Bloomberg supported the launch of a new report from the Clean Air Fund, which revealed that despite air pollution causing 4.2 million early deaths a year, it appears to be a forgotten issue – with less than 0.1% of philanthropic foundation funding and less than 1% of official development funding spent on air quality. Bloomberg Philanthropies is a proud coalition partner of the Clean Air Fund.

Action 8:

Mike Bloomberg celebrated the first anniversary of Korea Beyond Coal

Mike Bloomberg highlighted Korea Beyond Coal’s success in just one year, particularly the impact the campaign has already had on national policy with South Korea announcing it would end overseas coal power financing. Korea Beyond Coal launched last year inspired by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ support for the successful Beyond Coal campaigns in Europe and the United States. Read Mike’s tweet.

Action 7:

Mike Bloomberg joined mayors to push G20 on climate action

Mike Bloomberg, C40 Board President and the 108th Mayor of New York City, joined and voiced his support along with 41 mayors and governors representing the world’s largest economies at the Urban 20 Mayors Summit 2021. Hosted by the U20 Chairs, Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome and Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, the high-level diplomatic event is expected to raise the stakes on the international stage in the lead up to the G20 Summit in October. The mayors presented a Communique to the G20 presidency, urging the G20 to accelerate climate action ahead of COP26 by halving global emissions by 2030 and shifting investments to clean energy. Mike’s comments helped underscore the importance of recognizing the role of cities and the need to empower them to effectively address climate change.

Action 6:

Bloomberg LP and Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a week of climate activities for London youth

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, with support from Bloomberg LP and comments from Jemma Read, Global Head of Corporate Philanthropy at Bloomberg LP, unveiled Climate Kick-Start – a week of free events across the city to inspire young people to take climate action ahead of COP26. The initiative will support work the Mayor is already doing to help young Londoners impacted by the effects of climate change and air pollution through several programs in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. These include School Streets, which closes roads surrounding schools at drop-off and pick-up times to improve air quality, Breathe London, which installs air pollution sensors in local communities to produce real-time air quality data that Londoners can access, and Generation Earthshot, which helps teachers around the world nurture and channel the innate optimism and creativity of young people towards solving our biggest environmental challenges.

Action 5:

Mike Bloomberg and Bloomberg LP launched Climate Finance Leadership Initiative India

Mike Bloomberg and the governments of India and the UK announced a new industry-led coalition to support India’s ambitious plans to deliver inclusive, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure and services. The Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI) India will be co-chaired by Shemara Wikramanayake, CEO of Macquarie Group, and Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Group, and comprises major private sector Indian and multinational corporations and financial institutions. Mike Bloomberg, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Lord Mayor of London William Russell, and the Indian Ministry of Finance amplified the announcement. Read Mike’s interview with The Mint.

Action 4:

Bloomberg LP committed corporate and philanthropic support for COP26

Mike Bloomberg announced Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ engagement with COP26, including Bloomberg Philanthropies’ $10.5M commitment to the UN, and LP’s official role as COP26 partner. The announcement included support from COP26 President Designate Alok Sharma, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa, and COP26 High-Level Climate Champions Nigel Topping and Gonzalo Muñoz. The announcement previewed the dozens of climate actions Bloomberg will take over the next eight weeks.

Action 3:

Bloomberg LP joined forces with the Earthshot Prize

Bloomberg LP was announced as an Earthshot Prize Global Alliance Member, backing “the most prestigious environment prize in history.” Bloomberg has supported the Earthshot Prize since its inception. Bloomberg Philanthropies is a Global Alliance Founding Partner and is supporting Generation Earthshot, an educational programme to engage young people in solving today’s biggest environmental challenges. 

Action 2:

Mike Bloomberg highlighted the catalytic role of climate finance

Mike Bloomberg and Mary Schapiro, Vice Chair for Public Policy & Special Advisor to Founder & Chairman at Bloomberg LP, highlighted the catalytic role of climate finance at the Islamic Development Bank Tashkent 2021 Annual Meeting.

Action 1:

Mike convened the G20 leaders on climate

Mike Bloomberg and the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres co-hosted the G20 Permanent Representatives at Bloomberg Philanthropies to discuss climate action priorities ahead of the G20 Summit and COP26.

Top photo: A skyline view of Glasgow, Scotland, the host city of COP26.