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Welcome to the new

Bloomberg Philanthropies has a new home on the web and we couldn’t be more excited to share — for the first time in a comprehensive way — our unique approach to philanthropy and the stories of change we’re facilitating around the world.

Launched today, features information on our programs and partners across our focus areas. You’ll find everything from case studies that detail progress saving mothers’ lives in Tanzania, to ways you can get involved in the fight against dirty coal. If you’re learning about Bloomberg Philanthropies for the first time, check out the About Us section which includes information on our founder Mike Bloomberg, our mission, our approach to philanthropy, and our incredible partners.

Here on our blog, readers will hear from members of the Bloomberg Philanthropies team who work every day to improve and lengthen lives. They include the people who lead our programs—experts in their field with a passion for achieving measurable progress—and subject matter specialists who have insight into the individual challenges we’re taking on. And from time to time, we’ll feature posts from our partners around the world who are on the ground, making a difference each and every day. You might read about the latest performance by one of our Arts grantees or how a mayor is implementing a new program with the help of an Innovation Delivery Team.

But more than just telling our story and that of our partners, we hope this site will inspire visitors to take action in new and innovative ways—whether they are already part of the philanthropic community or just looking for a way to give back. As Mike wrote in his first Annual Letter, “We all have a responsibility to help others, and together, we can ensure, better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.”

So check back often. We promise there will always be something interesting.