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Supporting Uruguay in their Fight Against Big Tobacco

By Kelly Henning, Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health Team

This week, Mike Bloomberg met with Uruguayan Deputy Secretary Canepa, who along with President Mujica and his government are fighting a meritless lawsuit from tobacco giant Philip Morris as a result of the country’s strong anti-tobacco laws. Mike Bloomberg, Bloomberg Philanthropies and our partners stand strongly with the Uruguayan government, and are aiding their legal efforts.

Following the meeting, Mike Bloomberg issued the following statement:

“I met with Uruguayan Deputy Secretary Canepa to express my strong support for his country’s efforts to take on the tobacco industry and their sad attempt to profit from their deadly products. Philip Morris International’s lawsuit challenging Uruguay’s world-class tobacco-control laws is without merit, and merely an effort to intimidate the global anti-tobacco movement. We will not be deterred from taking action to protect people from the harms of tobacco through proven polices like advertising bans and graphic warnings.”