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Follow the Data Podcast: How Buenos Aires, Argentina is Responding to COVID-19

This week, Johns Hopkins University data confirmed that the global coronavirus death toll crossed one million.

Though we are learning new information about the virus every day, cities are home to 50% of the global population – and therefore at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. So the Partnership for Healthy Cities – which was created by Bloomberg Philanthropies to prevent noncommunicable diseases and injuries in 70 global cities – is stepping up and expanding its support for cities and local leaders during the pandemic.

Back in episode 71, “How Helsinki, Finland, Is Responding to COVID-19,” we heard from Mayor Jan Vapaavuori about how global mayors are tackling COVID-19 interventions.

On this episode, Fernando Straface, the Secretary General and Secretary of Foreign Relations of the City of Buenos Aires, joins Dr. Kelly Henning – head of Bloomberg Philanthropies public health team. Together, they discuss how Buenos Aires is collaborating with other Latin American cities to coordinate coronavirus response, how the city government is utilizing data from its COVID-19 dashboard, and what’s keeping local leaders hopeful now.

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