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Follow the Data Podcast: Combatting Pandemic Learning Loss

Charter Schools in NY allowing kids to play colorful blocks
Photo Credit: Same Scales

Across the United States, millions of students are performing below grade level. Eighth grade reading scores are at their lowest level in two decades, and math scores are at a three-decade low, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

How can we help students combat pandemic learning loss?

A great education is critical to ensure American can continue leading the global economy – and Bloomberg Philanthropies is funding summer school in eight cities to help public charter school students catch up to where they need to be. Our Summer Boost initiative is just one of the ways we’re working to ensure all students have the chance to get a high-quality education.

In this episode, Howard Wolfson, who leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ education program, joins political strategist and venture capitalist Bradley Tusk for a wide-ranging conversation about how Bloomberg Philanthropies is working to address the ongoing crisis in America’s education system – from supporting career and vocational training programs, to expanding access to top colleges for talented students from low-income families. This audio is adapted from the Firewall podcast, where entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, strategists and journalists reveal what’s really on their mind.

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