Follow the Data Podcast: Shaping the Future of Youth in Baltimore, MD

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, HeartSmiles convened youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in East Baltimore for personal development programming, leadership training, and college and career mentorship in collaboration with the school’s Center for Adolescent Health. HeartSmiles aims to inspire youth to be leaders in their communities and to demonstrate leadership in real time through activities that build character.

Follow the Data Podcast: A Summer Unlike Any Other

The Fresh Air Fund, which was founded in 1877 at the height of the tuberculosis epidemic in New York City was determined to continue its mission of providing free summer experiences for kids. With the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Ford Foundation, and The JPB Foundation, The Fresh Air Fund created Summer Spaces, in collaboration with the city,  transforming closed New York City streets into age-appropriate, socially distant, play spaces for children. The program also provided employment to local youth ages 18 to 24, who served as activity specialists, coaches, and counselors.

Four Podcasts Our Team Is Listening To This Week

Katherine Oliver shares four podcasts our team is listening to right now: The American Health Podcast, Public Health on Call, Southbank Centre’s Podcasts, and Public Art Works: A Podcast by the Public Art Fund.

Follow the Data Podcast – 2018 Highlights

The Follow the Data podcast features conversations with Bloomberg Philanthropies program leads and our partners – experts in the field, doing the work to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. Each episode features a data point, illustrating the work of partners across Bloomberg Philanthropies five program areas: the arts, education, the environment, government innovation, and public health.

Our Favorite Gifts This Holiday Season

The Bloomberg Philanthropies holiday gift guide, chosen by our program teams.

It’s time to take a fun look back at the past year. In 2016, we shared a playlist inspired by some of our work, and in 2015 we recapped our favorite Instagram photos. This time, we wanted to share ideas you can use. If you’re searching for a gift that makes the world a better place, look no further.

Follow the Data Podcast Episode 12: Cornell Tech: Engineering the Future of New York City

The 12th episode of Follow the Data celebrates the launch of the new Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, by looking back at the project’s inception. Cornell Tech is the first campus ever built for the digital age, bringing together academia and industry to create pioneering leaders and transformational new research, products, companies and social ventures.

Building blocks to effective public-private collaboration

City governments constantly struggle to address complex challenges with limited budgets – and as cities grow, mayors are feeling increasing pressure to find new ways to meet public needs. Many are finding answers in public-private collaboration.

These partnerships can help cities increase funding, rethink the delivery of services, enhance public amenities, and pilot new programs. While every city has different needs and resources, there are some key steps every mayor can take to effectively cultivate private support and deliver results.

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ 2016 Playlist

2016 was a year of pushing boundaries as we made announcements and reached new milestones around protecting public health, fighting climate change, revitalizing cities through art, increasing college access, supporting innovation in cities, and driving women’s economic development.

At the end of each year, we share a retrospective on our blog. In 2015, we shared key moments through Instagram photos we posted throughout the year. This year, we put together a playlist featuring tunes that nod to some of the highlights from this past year. And we welcome your suggestions. Tweet us your recommendations with the hashtag #BPTunes and listen along to our playlist on Spotify.

2015 Through Our Instagram Lens

In 2015, our work spanned the globe and the spectrum of opportunities, from safeguarding public health on the roads and encouraging local climate action to boosting the arts and empowering women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Take an Instagram tour through some of the moments and milestones that made up our year.

Global Approach: Bloomberg Philanthropies initiatives that made a difference in 2014

From the mercados of Mexico to the coasts of Chile, from a coffee farm in Rwanda to a health clinic in Tanzania, from a hamlet in Bangladesh to a fishing village in The Philippines, and in the world’s great cities including Johannesburg, Barcelona, and Istanbul, Bloomberg Philanthropies worked across six continents in 2014 to create better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.

We used data to find some of the world’s most pressing problems, implement solutions, and monitor progress.

Bloomberg Philanthropies / Google ‘Hangout’ at the US-Africa Business Forum

Bloomberg News Washington Bureau Chief Jonathan Allen anchors an all-day ‘Google Hangout’ at the US-Africa Business Forum hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and U.S. Department of Commerce.

Mike Bloomberg’s Annual Letter on Philanthropy

This year begins a new stage for Bloomberg Philanthropies – and for me personally. Over the past twenty years, I have grown increasingly active in philanthropy – and increasingly convinced of its power to save lives and change the world for the better. When I left City Hall on December 31, 2013, after having had the honor of serving New Yorkers for 12 years, I began having more time to spend on national and global issues. The same is true for Patti Harris, who served as my First Deputy Mayor and is also CEO of Bloomberg Philanthropies. Now, both of us are excited by the opportunity to substantially expand the work of Bloomberg Philanthropies and our involvement in it.

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff and our diverse and driven partners, Bloomberg Philanthropies has already established itself as a force for policy innovation and global collaboration. In fact, this month we were named the world’s second most innovative organization, behind only Google, by Fast Company. That honor is a reflection of groundbreaking work that is happening in each of our different program areas.

Mike Bloomberg’s Groundbreaking Use of Public-Private Partnerships

During the Bloomberg Administration, New York City expanded the scope and purpose of private sector collaborations, and improved their effectiveness and management structure, according to a report released today by Freedman Consulting, LLC and Bloomberg Philanthropies at the inaugural Robin Hood Investors Conference in New York City. A dozen non-profit organizations working directly with New York City agencies have raised more than $1.4 billion in philanthropic contributions collectively since 2002.

Welcome to the new

Bloomberg Philanthropies has a new home on the web—and we couldn’t be more excited to share, for the first time in a comprehensive way, our unique approach to philanthropy and the stories of change we’re facilitating around the world.

Launched today, features information on our programs and partners across our focus areas. You’ll find everything from case studies that detail progress saving mothers’ lives in Tanzania, to ways you can get involved in the fight against dirty coal. If you’re learning about Bloomberg Philanthropies for the first time, check out the About Us section, which includes information on our founder, Mike Bloomberg, our mission, our approach to philanthropy, and our incredible partners.