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Every Student Deserves a High-Quality Education

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Education program works to ensure that all students have the skills and opportunities to succeed in the 21st century. By putting students’ needs first and broadening educational opportunities for youth, whether by strengthening K-12 education, expanding access to colleges and universities or by providing quality career and technical training, Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on giving more students a chance to fulfill their potential.

Every kid deserves a great education at every stage, no matter where they live or how much their family makes.

Dennis Walcott said, “From day one, education for Mike was so important as far as his role as mayor. He laid down a foundation for us to really build off of as far as how we took over education. And that’s what I think Bloomberg Philanthropies does, it allows for funding to be put in place to address those gaps, to provide the foundation for all children.”

From kindergarten through 12th grade to career trainings to college access and higher education, Bloomberg Philanthropies is paving the way for student success at all stages. Their K through 12 work is improving student achievement in two ways. First by supporting quality charter schools.

Darryl Cobb said, “A strong education is the greatest weapon we have in reducing the income and inequality and opportunity gaps that exist in our country today. Students of color who attend charter schools often outperform their peers in other schools. So what we are seeing with charter schools is proof that through a good, strong school, there’s the opportunities for all students to succeed.”

Bloomberg is also strengthening K through 12 district schools by working with partners in many cities and states to improve student outcomes, like in Tennessee.

Former Senator and Tennessee’s State Collaborative on Education Chairman Bill Frist said, “Bloomberg Philanthropies has been fundamental for us here in Tennessee. If you look back to 2009, we were at the bottom of the bucket, but if you jump 10 years later, we were at historical highs.”

Some students want to start a good-paying job right away so Bloomberg Philanthropies supports career training programs like YouthForce NOLA in New Orleans that provides students with career skills, insights, and connections.

YouthForce NOLA President and Co-Founder Cate Swinburn said, “We’ve really transformed the landscape so that career-connected learning is really just part of how New Orleans public schools do school.”

Bloomberg Philanthropies is working to ensure that every qualified high school student in the U.S. has the opportunity to attend college.

Stanford University student Nkemjika Obi said, “Coming from an under-resourced high school there wasn’t a lot of people pursuing higher education. The program that was instrumental to my college admissions process was CollegePoint. Coming to Stanford really opened my perspective in that I am actually able to make a difference in the world. I’m forever grateful for that.”

The philanthropy supports colleges too, like at Princeton University, where the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity serves as a hub for innovation in the field of college access and success for first-generation and low-income students.

Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity at Princeton University Director Khristina Gonzalez said, “Part of our mission right now is to think about ways that we can share our best practices to other colleges and universities so that we can reach a population that goes beyond just our Princeton students.”

The cost of higher education can deter some of our nation’s best and brightest from pursuing it. At NYU, Bloomberg Philanthropies has created the Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellows Program to support graduate students to become the next generation of leaders.

Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellows Faculty Director Mitchell Moss said, “Bloomberg Philanthropies, by creating the Bloomberg fellowships at New York University, has not just brought talented, energetic, and motivated young people to study in the public sector, they’re going to create a long-term impact on the entire public sector of New York.”

In Bloomberg Philanthropies’ support of Mike’s alma mater, Johns Hopkins University has transformed the university’s ability to educate and provide financial aid to students in the fields of medicine, science, music, and more.

Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels said, “Just the sheer scale and audacity of what Mike and Bloomberg Philanthropies did in terms of their investments in undergraduate, graduate education across the vast span of the university, it’s breathtaking. We’re able to recruit the best and brightest students irrespective of the financial circumstances that these students and their families face.”

A great example of part of this support is the Vivian Thomas Scholars Initiative, which is paving the way for the next generation of diverse researchers, scholars, and scientists.

Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative at Johns Hopkins University Director Dr. Damani Piggott said, “This phenomenal endowment from Bloomberg Philanthropies will have powerful and transformative impact on our Hopkins community and our society at large.”

And to support students at the top four historically Black medical schools, Bloomberg Philanthropies has gifted a landmark $100 million scholarship to relieve the debt burden of the next generation of Black doctors.

Imagine a world where every student gets a great education at every stage, and has the knowledge, skill, and support they need to succeed in life.