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Coral Reef Resilience, Innovative Solutions, and $1 Billion for Protections at the UN Ocean Conference

The health of the world’s ocean is critical to fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and sustaining the livelihoods of billions. Last week at the UN Ocean Conference, we joined ​our Vibrant Oceans Initiative partners and world leaders from government, industry, advocacy, and more in a range of efforts to safeguard the ocean.

Joining a $1 Billion Fund to Protect 30% of the World’s Ocean by 2030 

As part of a coalition of eight philanthropic partners, we committed a collective $1 billion USD to support ocean conservation and the creation, expansion, and management of marine protected areas. This single commitment is roughly equal to all philanthropic giving for marine protected areas and habitat protection over the past decade and will help put ambitious ocean conservation goals within reach by supporting initiatives that help governments, and indigenous and local communities protect at least 30 percent of the ocean by 2030. Read more →

Committing $8 Million to Support Coral Reef Resilience and Solutions 

At the Sustainable Blue Economy Investment Forum held alongside the UN Ocean Conference, we joined the Global Fund for Coral Reefs coalition — the first UN-supported public-private partnership designed to leverage private investments to fill a funding gap for coral reef resilience and solutions. Our $8 million pledge to the fund builds on our decade-long efforts, through our Vibrant Oceans Initiative, to protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems increasingly threatened by climate change. Read more →

Helping Governments Develop and Implement High-Impact Ocean Solutions

At the Commonwealth Blue Charter Champions and Partners Strategy meeting at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, we announced support for the Commonwealth Blue Charter Project Incubator, a new effort to help ​Commonwealth governments develop and implement high-impact pilot projects to reduce threats to the ocean and improve community resilience. With our support, the Incubator will help accelerate the transition to sustainable and inclusive maritime development and marine conservation, while mitigating and adapting to climate change. Read more → 

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