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Amsterdam Shows Where ‘Digital Urban Planning’ is Headed

With cutting-edge initiatives on smart mobility, reducing waste, artificial intelligence, and more, Amsterdam City Hall has a worldwide reputation as a leader in public-sector innovation.

That’s why the Bloomberg CityLab summit will be held in Amsterdam next week. It’s the perfect place for global mayors, city innovators, business leaders, urban experts, artists, and activists to learn, share, and be inspired to find new ways of tackling their cities’ toughest challenges.

Amsterdam also is known as a city on the digital frontier. In fact, the city employs staffers whose primary responsibility is to spot new technologies that will impact the city and create opportunities to serve residents in new ways. A big focus is creating new opportunities for residents to participate in decision making, while also protecting their digital rights. Another is uncovering new ways to protect vulnerable residents. For example, a city collaboration with the group World Enabled uses AI to scan Google Street View images to identify accessibility barriers such as broken sidewalks that need fixing.

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