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5 ways cities are tackling one of their toughest Covid challenges: Homelessness

(AP Photo / Andy Abeyta)

How do you comply with a “stay at home” order if you don’t have a home?

That’s a question a growing number of city leaders are grappling with as they ramp up responses to the Covid-19 crisis. And many mayors are taking action with breakneck speed, turning hotels and city-owned buildings into temporary homeless shelters.

The reason is simple: The homeless are among the most vulnerable populations when it comes to Covid-19. Many have underlying health conditions and live in close quarters where the virus can spread easily.

“These are extremely vulnerable populations, and solutions need to ensure that they are given all the help and safety supports that can protect them and the broader community,” said Linda Gibbs, who consults with cities on homeless services as a principal with Bloomberg Associates. “The homeless are at much higher risk to themselves, and higher risk of being spreaders in the community at large.”

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