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Asphalt Art Initiative

Art has the power to transform cities and make their public spaces safer and more vibrant. The Asphalt Art Initiative grant program is designed to fund visual art interventions on roadways, pedestrian spaces, and public infrastructure in U.S. cities. The program assists cities looking to use art and design to improve street safety, revitalize public spaces, and engage their communities. The first round of the Asphalt Art Initiative awarded grants of up to $25,000 to 16 small and mid-sized U.S. cities to implement their own transformative projects. The second round of the initiative awarded grants to 26 U.S. cities for projects installing in 2022. Leading up to the COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow in 2021, the Initiative has also supported 3 pilot projects in Europe.

The Asphalt Art Initiative responds to the growing number of cities around the world embracing art as an effective and relatively low-cost strategy to improve and enrich their streets. The initiative focuses on “asphalt art,” including visual interventions on roadways (intersections and crosswalks), pedestrian spaces (plazas and sidewalks), and vertical infrastructure (utility boxes, traffic barriers, and underpasses). The Initiative also includes the publication of the Bloomberg Associates Asphalt Art Guide.

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How We Can Make Streets Safer With Asphalt Art

Asphalt Art Guide

In October 2019, Bloomberg Philanthropies released the Asphalt Art Guide, which Bloomberg Associates produced to help guide cities in this work. The guide features more than two dozen case studies highlighting successful plaza and roadway art activations around the world and a how-to section for cities interested in undertaking their own projects.

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Top photo: Local artists in Saginaw, Michigan work to create street murals as part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative.