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Digital Accelerator

Recognizing that digital adaptation is critical for the non-profit cultural sector to remain competitive and fulfill its potential, the Digital Accelerator Program provides grants and training to help arts organizations invest in strategic improvements to their technology infrastructure. This includes tools to enhance core operations, such as integrated marketing and fundraising systems, as well as bold projects with the potential to benefit the broader cultural sector.

In continuing to deliver on community-building and creative missions during the pandemic, non-profit cultural organizations relied heavily on digital experimentation.  This program seeks to inform and solidify new opportunities by helping cultural organizations build audiences, increase fundraising, drive revenue, and continue to deliver dynamic programming virtually and in person – including extensive educational offerings.


How The Digital Accelerator is Bringing Tech to The Arts

Nearly 150 organizations in the US and the UK have received training and support to-date. A Bloomberg Tech Fellow, designated by each participating organization from existing staff, drives the development and implementation of their digital project. Bloomberg Philanthropies works with technology experts who provide strategic assessment and implementation guidance to the Bloomberg Tech Fellows. In the UK, these services will be provided by the Arts Council’s Digital Culture Network, and in the US, by the Lapine Group.

The Digital Accelerator program will help arts organizations sustain innovations and investments – and strengthen tech and management practices that are key to their long-term success.

Patti Harris, CEO of Bloomberg Philanthropies

The organizations selected to participate in the Digital Accelerator program reach and represent a broad spectrum of creative endeavor, and a deep commitment to serving audiences.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is committed to developing and sharing best practices around technology investments that will contribute to the recovery of the wider cultural community.

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Top photo: The National Theatre, one of the institutions in the US and the UK receiving training and support from the Digital Accelerator initiative, produced War Horse which has been viewed by more than eight million people around the world.