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Annual Report 2021   /  Homepage media

Annual Report 2021: Images on the Homepage

Featured in the video at the top of the homepage, these moments show a variety of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ initiatives and partners dedicated to ensuring better, longer lives for the greatest number of people.

As part of the Asphalt Art Initiative, artist Gabriella Marcella created Waterworks, which was installed in Glasgow, Scotland, during the UN’s COP26 climate conference. The piece is featured throughout this year’s Annual Report.
Bloomberg Philanthropies is supporting Success Academy as part of a historic $750 million investment in high-performing U.S. charter schools.
Credit: Success Academy.
The Vibrant Oceans Initiative is promoting sustainable fishing practices and protecting ocean ecosystems around the world. Credit: Wildlife Conservation Society.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a member of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, launched a campaign that used art in city neighborhoods to promote mask use and social distancing during the pandemic. Credit: City of Philadelphia.
Together with Nest, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Hands to Heritage program to support, celebrate, and connect basket weavers in South Carolina and Rwanda.
Public Art Challenge winner Tulsa, Oklahoma, created more than 30 community-driven works of art to commemorate the city’s historic Greenwood neighborhood, which was destroyed in the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.
The Elrama Power Station, a coal-fired power plant in western Pennsylvania, closed as a result of Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported efforts to retire all U.S. coal plants by 2030.
A visitor at Frick Madison in New York City uses the Bloomberg Connects app to learn more about the museum’s exhibitions.
Bogotá, Colombia, is a focus country in the Initiative for Global Road Safety, which aims to protect all road users from road traffic crashes. The city also won the Mayors Challenge in 2016 and 2021.