Our investment of nearly $1 billion accelerates progress on global tobacco control by focusing on the countries with the most tobacco use.

Along with national and local governments in high-burden areas, our partners and grantees are making positive change happen in some of the toughest tobacco industry strongholds. Together, we have protected nearly 1.7 billion people with at least one new high-quality tobacco control policy since 2007.

The advocacy and political activities comprising the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use are supported by Mike Bloomberg personally and are not in any part supported by The Bloomberg Family Foundation.


As the tobacco control movement gains momentum, the tobacco industry is stepping up their efforts to fight regulation. In response, we announced the third phase of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use. This new phase, which started in 2013, continues to focus investment on low- and middle-income countries with the highest tobacco-consuming rates: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia. Additionally, our program to directly support governments and non-governmental organizations through grant funding in high-burden countries continues to focus on areas of specific action in other low- and middle-income settings.