Global Health Advocacy Incubator

Advocacy drives policy change. The Global Health Advocacy Incubator is a groundbreaking model for providing effective advocacy support and training to help organizations drive important policy change. Policy change needs a catalyst, and advocacy brings key issues to the attention of governments, garnering attention and support for key public health issues.

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator is designed to identify promising individuals and organizations to serve as advocates for public health, focusing on proven population-based public health interventions. The Global Health Advocacy Incubator provides essential training on how to identify opportunities for policy change, conduct high-impact advocacy campaigns, develop and execute successful campaign strategies, and draft new legislation. Following technical assistance and training, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator expands the new advocates’ reach to compile and share lessons learned, spin off quality new or strengthened organizations, and train journalists to improve reporting on key issues.

Effective advocates and advocacy organizations bring key issues to the attention of governments and the public at large. They garner and channel support for key public health policy change and effective implementation.

Advocacy is a proven and spreadable solution – It takes the same skill set and training to advocate for tobacco control policies as it does for strengthened road safety laws, or laws that improve maternal health.

  • Accelerate policy change in focus countries
  • Establish a model to help drive policy change in other areas of philanthropy
  • Spin-off independent new, effective advocacy organizations
  • Increased on-the-ground capacity to advocate for meaningful, long lasting, positive change


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