Guidance and Resources

Guidance and Resources

City governments are on the frontlines of this crisis and are constantly innovating to address challenges. Our team researches and reviews promising strategies cities are using to address important issues for homeless populations during COVID-19. Each of the three guidance documents revolves around a key topic area and highlights practices implemented by cities around the world. The additional resources document contains supporting materials from cities and expert organizations that are also arranged by topic.

Guidance Documents

1. Isolation or Congregate Shelter Procurement during COVID-19

Strategies for reorganizing the shelter system to maintain and/or create healthy and appropriate living environments for individuals and families in need

2. Supporting Staff During COVID-19

Policies and practices for ensuring a healthy, motivated, and engaged essential staff to implement the city’s homeless strategy during the crisis

3. Encouraging Safe Outreach to the Unsheltered

Important considerations for developing protocols and training outreach workers to monitor encampments and sites effectively, communicate social distancing guidelines, and provide supportive services as needed

Additional Resources


COVID-19 and the homeless: How cities can turn temporary measures into permanent gains