At Bloomberg Philanthropies, we see that solutions to the world’s most pressing problems – from climate change to aging populations – can be found in cities. We believe that mayors have a unique power to overcome obstacles and get things done.

However, actually meeting the challenges of tomorrow – with all of the constraints that cities operate under – will require more agility and creativity than ever. Finding new solutions will require cities to form different partnerships, engage citizens in new ways, and use data more often and more effectively. Mayors across the U.S. and globally have already begun to generate solutions in areas such as public safety, education, and customer service. These inspiring examples of local innovation offer a roadmap, but breakthroughs pioneered in one city seldom transfer successfully or with urgency to other cities.

As a call to local governments to propose bold solutions, the Mayors Challenge incentivizes local leaders to think creatively, test new approaches, and identify groundbreaking new innovations in any policy area – from public health to sustainability to arts and culture.