Cities of Service was founded in 2009 by Michael R. Bloomberg and 16 mayors from around the country. Its efforts focus on “impact volunteering” — volunteer strategies that target community needs, use best practices, and set clear outcomes and measures to gauge progress.



Cities of Service offers technical assistance and tools to members, including a playbook, blueprints, and other ready-to-use tools available for cities to read and download. These strategies address city needs in areas including education and youth, health, neighborhood revitalization, preparedness and safety, sustainability, and veterans.



The Cities of Service coalition is nearly 200 cities strong and growing, representing nearly 50 million Americans. In 2014, it expanded internationally to the United Kingdom. There are Chief Service Officers serving in over 25 cities, over 30 mayors have launched high-impact service plans, and Cities of Service blueprints have been implemented in more than 50 cities.



Cities of Service is helping to ensure that cities’ voices are heard in federal legislative, policy, and program discussions related to service, and working with local, regional, and national organizations to help cities gain the recognition and resources they need to serve their communities well.