Key Strategies and Phase I Successes

  1. Promote transparency → Launched in 2016, Global Fishing Watch is a free online platform with a growing user base that is viewing information about worldwide fishing activity by tracking tens of thousands of commercial fishing vessels. By making fishing data transparent, they are exposing bad actors who fish illegally and allowing citizens and governments everywhere join the fight for healthier seas.
  2. Advance science-based policy → In Phase I, Vibrant Oceans worked with Oceana and Rare to help reform policies to on small-scale and industrial fishing practices and marine area protection in top fishing nations — Brazil, Chile, and the Philippines. In several of these key areas, VO saw a 390% growth in coastal fish populations. These efforts also supported the recovery of the Chilean Jack Mackerel fish population.
  3. Provide key research and data → In 2017, Vibrant Oceans, partnering with The Tiffany & Co. Foundation and Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, set out to identify a global portfolio of the coral reefs projected to be less vulnerable to the impact of climate change and able to help repopulate neighboring reefs. Led by the University of Queensland, the 50 Reefs research identified a greater number of reefs than initially anticipated. Phase II of the Vibrant Oceans Initiative will now include targeted coral reef conservation informed by these findings.
  4. Support local leadership → In the Philippines, Oceana photographed huge boats and nets where they weren’t supposed to be in the Tañon Strait. A national media campaign led to government crackdown and investment in police boats. Oceana has filed dozens of legal cases against offenders and Rare organized mayors around the Tañon Strait who together convinced the federal and state government to fund enforcement in their municipalities.
  5. Drive global understanding and action → In 2018, Bloomberg announced a partnership with Dalio Philanthropies’ OceanX Media to increase ocean understanding and protection. As two of the largest funders of ocean protection and exploration in the world, Bloomberg Philanthropies and OceanX Media supported an expedition to highlight the Northeast Canyon and Seamounts National Marine Monument and advocate for global marine conservation.

Through the Vibrant Oceans Initiative, Bloomberg is protecting critical ocean resources for the health and livelihood of over 3 billion people around the world – helping ensure better, longer lives, for a greater number of people.