Bloomberg Philanthropies’ mission is to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. Recognizing the dire need to protect our oceans not only from the inevitable long-term impacts of climate change but the immediate threats of pollution and overfishing, the Vibrant Oceans Initiative is working with world-class partners to ensure that key ocean ecosystems – and the people dependent on them around the world – can survive and thrive despite these growing threats.

Bloomberg’s Vibrant Oceans Initiative works with world-class partners to ensure ocean ecosystems survive and thrive despite the growing threat of climate change. Launched in 2014 with an initial commitment of $53 million in three countries – Brazil, Chile, and the Philippines – Vibrant Oceans partners with coastal communities, nonprofit organizations, local and national governments, policy makers, and academic groups to advance evidence-based conservation practices and implement data-driven fisheries management policies around the world.

In October 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced Phase II of Vibrant Oceans – making an $86 million investment to expand work into 10 target countries – Australia, the Bahamas, Chile, Fiji, French Polynesia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tanzania, Peru and the United States. Bloomberg selected these countries because they are home to priority coral geographies, are top fishing nations, or are countries where fish is a major food source – or all three.

Building on the successes of Phase I, Vibrant Oceans will focus on the following goals for Phase II:

1. Promote adoption of high-impact, science-based fisheries and marine protection policies in at least 10 countries.

2. Protect at least 50 reef geographies that are projected to be less vulnerable to long-term climate impacts and can repopulate other reefs over time.

3. Support at least 20 countries to achieve fishing activity transparency in their national waters.