Bloomberg Philanthropies’ mission is to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people – and phasing out coal power in favor of cleaner, healthier forms of energy is essential to that work.

The Global Coal and Air Pollution program builds partnerships with a broad coalition of allies to accelerate the replacement of coal-fired power with a 100% clean energy system. The campaign supports the implementation and enforcement of strict air quality standards for coal-fired power pollution, moving the global community towards an overall reduction of particulate matter and away from climate disaster.  

In the United States, our work through the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign has helped retire over half of the nation’s coal plants, proving that transitioning beyond coal isn’t just possible – it’s feasible, and it’s happening now. By convening countries spanning Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania, the Global Coal and Air Pollution program uses those same strategies to phase out coal, plant-by-plant. Through a global coalition, we can eliminate 27% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and keep harmful pollutants out of our air.

Our work in the United States is part of the American Cities Initiative, a suite of investments that empower cities to generate innovation and advance policy that moves the nation forward.