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In Rwanda, coffee production is one of the fastest growing sectors and has fueled the country’s economic development. And with major international buyers interested in Rwanda’s specialty coffee production, Bloomberg Philanthropies has helped ensure that more women are not only a vital part of this growth – but emerge as strong participants in the international coffee market.

Coffee Production from the Women’s Economic Development Initiative

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Women's Economic Development
The Clean Energy Initiative aims to improve air quality, fight health and economic impacts of climate change and help create a strong clean energy economy for the 21st century. It supports local, state and national partners in implementing the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Clean Energy Initiative

Climate and Clean Energy
Families can use the light in their homes.

Little Sun Expands in 2014

Little Sun
“Innovation and Inspiration” discussion with Berlin-based SoundCloud CEO & Co-founder Alexander Jung and moderator Zain Verjee (L).

Mayors Challenge 2014 Ideas Camp

Government Innovation
Mayors Challenge
A fisher in Tinambac, Philippines cleans his catch.

Vibrant Oceans

Vibrant Oceans
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