A City Illuminated

By Patricia E. Harris, CEO of Bloomberg Philanthropies

Neighborhoods in London will be transformed this week through public art, as illuminated works will be projected across some of the most iconic sites in Central London including Oxford Circus, Westminster Abbey, and the Bafta Building on Piccadilly. In total, there will be 30 installations created by world-renowned artists for Lumiere London, a four-day celebration of public art hosted by Artichoke and the Mayor of London and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies along with many other great partners.

2015 Through Our Instagram Lens

In 2015, our work spanned the globe and the spectrum of opportunities, from safeguarding public health on the roads and encouraging local climate action to boosting the arts and empowering women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Take an Instagram tour through some of the moments and milestones that made up our year.

Using data and innovation in Los Angeles

Innovation teams (i-teams) are in-house innovation consultants who use the tested Innovation Delivery approach to help mayors and other partners solve cities’ biggest challenges. We have invested in more than a dozen i-teams around the world, and recently caught up with the Los Angeles i-team to share their story. They are rethinking neighborhood revitalization and testing ways to make neighborhoods inclusive even as they change.

L.A.’s i-team director Amanda Daflos reflects on this challenge. She discusses how the i-team is learning from successes and failures, and how they are contributing to a renaissance in the city, harnessing data, innovation, and collaboration to benefit city residents.

On Climate Change, COP21 and Public Art

by Patricia E. Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg Philanthropies

World leaders, environment experts and delegates from around the globe are convening in Paris for COP21, the U.N.’s climate summit. Meanwhile, in the center of the city at Place du Panthéon, the public has the chance to encounter Ice Watch, a work by acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson and scientist Minik Rosing, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Building consumer demand for safer cars

By Joe Weber, Consumer International

Consumer organisations are increasingly enthusiastic about their role in helping to build demand for safer cars in India, where more than 150,000 people die on the road every year.

As part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, Bloomberg Philanthropies partnered with the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) to test vehicles sold in India, as well as Latin America and Southeast Asia. NCAP test rates vehicles on a scale from 0-5 stars, and consumers can draw on this information to help them choose safer cars.

What C40’s Report, Climate Action in Megacities 3.0, Means to COP21

By the Bloomberg Philanthropies Environment Team

C40’s new report, Climate Action in Megacities 3.0 contains exciting and encouraging news about the word’s collective fight against climate change – and about the leading role that cities are playing in driving progress. The report, released on November 23, comes just a few weeks before world leaders gather in Paris to try and create a global agreement to limit carbon emissions.

A Major Milestone for President Obama’s Climate Agenda

By Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama

In August, as part of an ambitious plan to expand renewable energy to households across America, President Obama called on all U.S. mayors to publicly commit to a local climate action plan. The President set a goal of at least 100 U.S. cities signing the Compact of Mayors prior to the Paris UN climate change meeting (“COP”). Today, that goal has not only been met, but surpassed.


On the ground (and in the water) looking at fisheries reform in the Philippines

By Susan Ruffo, Bloomberg Philanthropies Environment Team

Over 1.6 million people in the Philippines make their living on the sea or directly connected to it, and 56 percent of the average protein intake of Filipinos comes from fish. In a country that is growing rapidly, with a population that is increasing and looks to the sea for its sustenance, those numbers emphasize the need to protect the country’s marine resources to ensure the growing population has a bright future.

My Visit to a Vehicle Testing Facility

By Becky Bavinger, Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health team

To improve vehicle safety worldwide, Bloomberg Philanthropies is partnering with the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) to test vehicles sold in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India. As part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, Global NCAP tests and rates vehicles on a 0 to 5 star scale. Many of the cars they assess for these regions receive very poor ratings (3 stars and below). After testing, Global NCAP releases the results to the public and urges manufacturers to voluntarily improve their safety features, while at the same time advising governments on best practice vehicle regulations.

WHO Report on Global Road Safety Shows that After a Decade of Progress, More Needs to be Done to Reduce Traffic Fatalities

By Kelly Larson, Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health Team

Road safety is an issue that hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it deserves – and it is one of our great opportunities to make a difference. Traffic crashes are the 9th leading cause of death in the world and are the number one cause of death for people from the ages of 15 to 29.

We know this is a public health challenge with clear solutions. And we know what works: safer road infrastructure, smarter traffic laws, and stronger enforcement of those laws. That’s why, since 2007, Bloomberg Philanthropies has been working to help other cities and countries adopt these measures.